Monday, May 22, 2023

Freaking tired

 I want a nap... whine whine whine. 

Over the last five days I have walked enough steps to have went 60 miles. 

All the winter stuff has been washed but not put away in the barn... I want a nap.

Hubby's hauling trailer had a brake lock up and heat up. He got it to release but drove it straight to the repair shop. He decided since it was already in to have the trailer completely gone over and all 4 brakes replaced. He ended up going after the parts after it took them a week to find them and they were clear across the state. Delivery would have been more than his fuel to go get them AND saved 5 days coming through the mail as it was Ascension the next day and that store is ran by Mennonites. 

STILL no trailer. Repair guy said they must have all heated up because they are being a bear to fix. Better than being in Wisconsin and having it happen like he will be next month. Meantime he lost 5 hauls due to trailer being down. SO he won't have the money coming in to cover the repair job nor to cover the regular bills so we did the money shuffle. All the household bills are paid to the 8th so gives him time to figure out if he needs to use his SS to pay the business bills or if he can pick up enough to cover it. The Wisconsin job could be moved up. It won't cover everything but it would help a lot. 

He wired the solar pump backwards and it drained the batteries connected to the solar panels and pump. So with help from the dealer he got the issue found and corrected. Hopefully nothing was harmed but we will find out later as we can't run the pump until the batteries are charged. He showed E what he had done wrong and E showed me. 

He was mowing the yard with the push mower with a can of gas sitting on it right against the motor and then thought I lost my mind when I stopped him over it. Mowed over my lilies thinking they were weeds also, they hadn't bloomed so he didn't think they were flowers. He won't mow weeds if they have bloomed either.

He turned the AC on even with the house only being 68. I turned it right back off and told him we would check it again when the house is 80. 

I asked him if he had been taking his meds... he said yes. He usually takes them first thing in the morning but I noticed today he was taking them mid morning.

I counted the pills when he went out with E (who knows about the issues) the answer is NO he is skipping the one, it's for his shakes. He has nerve damage due to accident. 

I went out to the barn to give it to him and found almost a case of unopened bottled water that he was supposed to be drinking and didn't the past week. Pinched the back of his hand and E pointed to it and told him he was dehydrated so he wouldn't think clearly. E told him they do that test when in the woods hunting or cutting wood. E got him to drinking the water. E is working with him for the afternoon and the boys are too making sure everyone is drinking their water.

New rule, he has to drink the water in front of me when he is out in the barn. Funny thing is, when he is hauling, he drinks water all the time and when he is in the house he regularly gets water to drink. 

After spending 6 hrs. with his parents, I can say he acts like his mom...AND neither would drink anything while here. His dad is into conspiracies (thank heavens I am not dealing with that from him... that's a couple of the kids), still very angry he lost the farm when he was gambling the money away, blames the gov't because they wouldn't let him roll it on the farm loan and is sure that certain members of congress are trying to take his title of his house. Hubby's mom always rolls her eyes (maybe I should learn that) and then talks of all the things she sees on media and it must be true it's on media (SIGH) and they blame each other for the spam, hack , break down of their phones, computers, iPad etc. I texted Hubby's younger brother and told him their phones were not right and he dad thought someone was trying to take the title of the house. He said between him and the 2 grandsons' that work in that area, they mess things up daily and he has their legal stuff dealt with to protect them from title theft etc. He wasn't sure but he thought his Dad applied for a reverse mortgage and his mom put a stop on it needed both their signatures so that triggered the "someone is trying to take my title because he couldn't borrow against it.".  

Hubby mentioned his dad was drinking sprite with orange juice when at home. Another text went out to his sister (nurse) and she went and took it out of the house. He is on insulin and is NOT to be doing that. So now they are being checked for what is coming in the door. I can vouch they could be in the nursing home and still getting food that they aren't suppose to have due to visitors (my brother and nieces giving Daddy candy ) and the ones eating at the table with him giving him their puddings or what ever they didn't want to eat. Daddy didn't believe in throwing any food away ever.

Hubby asked what we were going to do when he couldn't have his choc bar with peanut butter or me my coke... NOT BUY IT just like my Mother did when Pop couldn't have stuff due to his health issues. I cut way back on the coke anyways 20 ounces lasts 3-4 days unless it's with pizza which is maybe once a month.

We have back to back appointments this week at least he's not trying to juggle doctor appts between hauls. PLUS I need to use my coupons and points before I lose them. So grocery store is added in there. 

Have a wonderful week....

I need a wonderful NAP.

Stay safe

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace including peace of mind