Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Happy Anniversary

 I told Hubby that I texted JD and told him happy 21st birthday... And then I said "Happy Anniversary Hubby".. he looked at me like I lost my freaking mind. Our anniversary is Feb. 

Four years ago we moved in. YEP. We signed closing the day before our oldest grandson's birthday and moved in on his brother's birthday.

As of today we have 153 items to do on the punch list not including a greenhouse. 

We talked about how the area is more to the lifestyle we grew up with. How the Amish is our bubble and the struggle to fit in with family when we are at gatherings. His sister is Mennonite so she understands. Our kids just make sure we can keep things up without much help and keep busy as they know that is what best for us in the long run. 

 My brother when out here the last time mentioned we both seemed at peace and happy and he hadn't reached that yet. He is 10 yrs old than me , definitely a work alcoholic that can no longer work due to health issues. He had planned to work until he died. I suggested some on line tutoring. Part time in the mornings as he needs a reason to get out of bed. He is looking into that. Cracks me up that he will text me "hey I am planting lilac  bush , what color do you think I should get? ( I suggested he asked his wife).  Or when he sent me the pic of the mixed flowers he got to grow for him. His wife told him anything he plants he has to take care of. He is in the city so the yard isn't big so that might keep him in control but you never know with him. He is happy in the city but misses the quiet of the country. 

Where did the week go?

 First, M ended back in the hospital for a D&C  then back in for low potassium, came close to losing her, talk about a scary moment. Church is having a meeting this week to figure out how to help pay the bills. M is home and has a niece staying with them to help her run the home. M has been ordered to bed by her mother in law ( I offered to "sit" on her to help keep her in bed) and E's father ordered him to stay on the farm for 3 days as E was helping others when we had to go after him twice (that takes an hour to go and get him and him get home). The 5 older children have started school as of Monday so the oldest of the 4 still at home is 4 pushing 5 yrs old. M goes Sept 20th for a check up. We have spent 3 days of supporting them with these issues. Hubby has slept more than once in the truck in the hospital parking lot. I did remind him that his parents live right around the corner from the one hospital but he didn't want to go there since he wasn't sure if anyone had been around with covid. His niece came down with it 2 wks ago. Not vaccinated.

Daughter 2 is pretty sure she has a place to move to Oct 1st. . She is looking around for furniture that people want to just get rid of. Since it's just her and one son, they won't need much but she is making a list as she thinks it through. Ten bucks says she will ask for food and or kitchen stuff.

Daughter 4 is antsy.. she is so ready to go back to work. She figured out if she saves enough money by Feb she could look to buy a house instead of renting. Son 2 went that same route. He has already passed all the info he had when he bought his house to her. I did tell her she was more than welcome to come up and do the fall cleaning. I doubt if she will take me up on the offer 😜

Daughter 1 and 3 are working steady and staying well.

Son 1 is being over ran with IT work  LOL. He is going on vacation with some friends to go fishing and will be out of touch for a couple weeks. 

Son 2 has made a name for himself at his new job. Not sure it is a good name. He went over blue prints for the new building and found one room has no doors to get in it and the room that houses some training equipment that can't have windows in the room ?simulators? has windows on 2 sides of the room. There is a storage room but it can't be used for it is too small. 

He asked one manager what color he wanted his tent...the guy was like what? "You didn't respond to my email of how many people is in your department so you won't have an office for them in the new plans. SO what color do you want the tent that I will put up in the parking lot".  Guy starts flipping thinking his people is going to be all over him for his screw up. Son 2 quietly adds "wait until they have to use port a johns because they won't have scan cards to get in to use bathrooms since they are not housed in the building". When the guy turned white. Son 2 lets him know he could have everything if the information was on his desk in 30 minutes. After that it's back to the tents. Later at a meeting it was brought up that EVERYONE should answer his emails with in 24 hrs. of receiving as there is a program in place that shows when the emails come in. His own boss was not thrilled to find out that he hadn't even gave himself an office and he signed off the blueprints.  Son 2 laughed all the way home.

Hubby got his truck fixed after almost 2 weeks. He lost 12 jobs and paid $5000 for the truck to be fixed. While they were waiting for a part to come in they did the regular maintenance that was scheduled for last Monday. 

BUT he got things done around here. Tower with tv antenna and his HAM radio antenna is up. Hoops for row cover for winter garden is on one box, a second box is started and the third has hoops cut for it. He ran out of a couple things. Since we can't afford the green house this year, we are doing low tunnels ( http://www.motherofahubbard.com/category/winter-vegetable-gardening/low-tunnels/). 

I have seeds sorted that I want to try to grow. I ordered seeds that I was low on. I had to order from 8 different places to get 12 different seeds. I have some to notify me when the seeds can be ordered.  I will be doing the grow cart and grow light this year.

I harvested and cleared some of the garden beds. I added more green beans, turnips, tomato juice, peach pie filling and rutabaga to the pantry

We ended the month with in the black and paid extra on mortgage. Can't say the same for the business.

Blessed be.