Thursday, June 23, 2022


 This is NOT normal !!

He called his IRA guy 6 wks. ago and asked about maybe changing how he was invested, how the account was handling the withdraws etc. Guy told him everything was okay, don't panic etc. As the account was lower than we liked we were iffy about things being okay... after all we LIVED through 2008 when Daddy lost 75% of his money and had to go to living on Social Security (which wasn't much after Medicare came out).

Last week we got a call to schedule coming in. Didn't think much of it since my IRA guy had already scheduled my bi yearly appt. 

Talk about someone being in a panic attack. Hubby's finance guy was " you need to change how you are invested since you are at 85/15 ... pulled out the papers and found Hubby had suggested 75/25 and the guy TOLD him 80/20 would do us better for what we were trying to do and then he cranked it up to 85 (at one time it showed 90). We were pulling far too much .Hum, it's our money and we are okay if we run out of that acct. and made that clear when we went in. AND then suggested I move my IRA to them.... 

I firmly told the guy No never. I was staying with who been there for my dad for over 30 years including 2008. My acct. was making money, even with how the market was doing. He said I was too comfortable and confident in my people. The young man did suggest then we move Hubby's acct. to ease dealing with two accts two hours away. Mine is 30 minutes. We didn't think about distance as we focused it was closer to our son who would be handling the acct. when we died.

Hubby told him he had things to think over. I could tell he was doing his best to keep his mouth shut. 

As we got in the car to drive an hour to our chiro (and again to drive home from chiro) he cut loose.

We see my guy on Tuesday for my bi annual meeting. He is asking what it will cost to move his money in Dec... or should he move it sooner. 

He has lost confidence in the company. Called the guy who recommended them as he was with them and his parents were also. He said he was changing (to the same people I go to) due to how they were all about employee and not about clients. 

Mean time I am looking to see if we can live on Social Security only in 2023 instead of 2024. 

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