Sunday, September 2, 2018

First thing I cooked on my new stove/menu

 WAS>>>>Hot water to wash the new pots and pans with...sigh..still no hot water.

At least I am now set up to cook and clean without the hot water heater working. Talk about going back to my childhood.We shifted our work day to mornings here and afternoons back at the old place to finish it up and take hot showers before coming back. The old landlord was fine with it for another week but since I am feeling a bit rough I was concern with another flare up of Crohn's so I paid Sept rent. He said he would prorate it for when we actually are completely out.

We are focusing on becoming zero or very little waste. I know it won't happen over night. 

First we decided why the change... truthfully it was because we very seldom have 1 full white trash bag of trash a week but have to pay the same as someone that has 10 bags of trash. I talked to the lowest priced company and they suggested I pay for 1 month to start. From what they have seen the most trash is produced when you first move in and when you move out.  They figured we would start living closer to how our neighbors do and end up with zero waste because our township does recycling once a month.

Second, I hate paying that much for something I can get by without using.

We still might end up spending the money but at least I will have tried.

We will not be getting cable but using the tower Hubby bought from a fellow HAM radio operator. That's on his to do list.

We spent time with our ins guy and he priced out 2 different ways to insure us and we chose to do the suburban farm as it was only $200 more but allows us to earn money doing hobbies. The other required no income from the farm and we know that will change in the future. Ended up with it not being as expensive as we thought AND it covered more of our stuff that wasn't covered hand tools...AKA 35 screwdrivers we have between us and yes we have used them ALL.

I figured out the menu based on what we have right here at this time.

canned corn beef hash, biscuits(canned) salad and canned mandarin oranges

pasta with meatballs (freezer)  homemade sauce ,garlic bread (freezer),peas (freezer)and canned tropical fruit salad

meatloaf , mashed potatoes ,rolls($5.99 split a meal from local store) corn(freezer),and canned peaches

Beef and noodles, mashed potatoes,rolls ($6.99 split a meal from local store) , cole slaw (from local store as we don't eat enough of it to make it) and home canned applesauce

One pot green beans(home canned), potatoes and ham(leftover in freezer), cornbread (from scratch), and home canned pears

Saturday we have 3 contractors coming in to finish the south and north lofts. I already told them I would provide lunch. I know two of them are sandwich eaters. I will make a meat and cheese platter, veggie tray and fruit tray along with assort breads. I plan to bake brownies or a cake also. What ever is not ate will be our dinner and then frozen for meals later.

Sunday will be leftovers or home canned beef veggie soup and leftover bread.

1st morning at 209.

We slept in to 7 am... even the dogs. AND they didn't get us up during the night. Charlotte went out at 10:30 pm but Hubby was still up.

We had our first cup of coffee watching the sun come up over the trees and listening to the horses' hoof hit the road as they went down the other road about 1/3 mile from us. Even the dogs would cock their heads to listen. Not a sound we are used to.

Wilbur decided to check out the perimeter which is now all fenced so we don't have to worry about any of them getting in to the fields or the road. It's about 2 acres for them to roam around. He decided to come check us out to see if we had anything for him.
Rascal has now marked every single tree, bush, plant , building, fence posts LOL
Charlotte swiped Rascal's ball while he was busy.

Hubby was just enjoying sitting and relaxing before we started back to working.

And since I snapped Hubby's picture he insisted I have mine take also...
Nope I didn't brush my hair yet LOL...

We still have tons of work to do , still have things to box up and bring this way also.

The dogs have adjusted so well that when we went over the other day , they wanted back in the truck within 30 min , didn't even go check out the barn or cows.