Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I am tired

and looking at the window when it's at 17 below wind chill and seeing this made me more tired.

YEP... they were back at it before day break to finish cutting ice for the last 3 families ice houses. Even the 2 boys (ages 5 and 6) were out there working and running after thermos after thermos of coffee that M was keeping supplied.

It's 3 pm now,they are finishing the last wagon and loading the tools and the slide they use to load the ice on the wagon back up in the rafters of our barn over hang. Good place for it to be stored.

We used 20% of propane in last week. First time ever to use more than 10%/week. The frigid temps and wind chill sucked that right down. We had to turn the furnace up 2 degrees to keep the front room where Hubby sleeps in his recliner (so he can breath) up to 66. Below that his tremors get really bad. Still only 2 degrees and turning the fan on ON instead of auto kept the home warm. Called propane co and ordered a refill. They said they had one that dropped 9% over night and their furnace was struggling to run so was glad I called before we dropped down to 30% so we weren't an emergency. 

I used paint markers to mark the plastic clothes pins that I am going to use in the grow cart to track what I am growing. 

We bounced some thoughts of how we wanted things to be a year from now around the kitchen table. I  made notes so we can talk more about them and then see how it goes. 

Hubby took a break from his one hauling job, they were starting to load hours which he can't do with having State numbers. They know they can call him to help fill in as they hired 2 drivers to replace him. In this cold of weather, he is glad to not be hauling at break of dawn. 

Stay warm , stay safe, be kind.

Blessed Be