Monday, July 20, 2020

We are tired.

Emotional and physically just tired. Hubby slept off and on yesterday while I piddled at getting things caught up. Tired but can't sleep.

Brother called to check in today, let me know they were ok, and our niece and her girls that were Daddy's care takers along with us are okay also. He has 5 appointments and 2 funerals he is speaking at he needs to get through before he makes the appointment with Daddy's IRA guy. Both of us are going to leave them in that guy's care, He's been taking care of Daddy's IRAs from the beginning over 30 yrs.We just need to know what the RMD's are so we can adjust our own withdraw from our own IRA's. Daddy got his wish.... he didn't die broke. There was a life insurance policy I signed off of so Brother got all of it. I know darn well he paid some of the house bills after Daddy went to the nursing home out of his own pocket.Daddy had 95 % of his funeral and burial paid for. Was a relief to not have to deal with what to do etc.

Hubby told me this afternoon he is no longer doing out of state trips until this covid runs it's course and is going to limit where else he hauls to. He is hoping he can cover his expenses of the business with cutting those out of state trips out.

I was happy to read this

they say that the spray kills covid within 2 minutes. It's what I use during flu season anyways. 

We are having bacon,lettuce (on the bitter side but oh well) and tomatoes on tortilla wraps. Peach for dessert. 

I will be refiguring the projects as Hubby doesn't think he can get them all finished this summer.  

No rain still.... only had 0.57 this whole month. My grass crunches when I walk on it and I am watering every 2-3 days with the 100 heat index we are getting. 

Take care everyone, stay safe 
Blessed Be