Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Goals for 2021 part of a rant at a grandchild

 I have a grandchild that went on a rant about how hard older generations have made it for her generation... planet dying, things based on test scores , It was the older generations job to make things easier for them ... she and her girlfriend stepped a bit on my toes so to say. I stomped back on theirs. I am not sure but I think I might have kicked butt to a couple of my own kids. 

Plant has always been dying since it's birth, it is just like a human. DUH and how much are they recycling? (none) Eating out with throw away containers?(a lot) Mending clothes? (no way)Did you vote (they did not) are you involved with your local government (No).

SO the granddaughter thinking she would be a smart butt asked me what I did. Her mom and two aunts replied with the word MOAN on her post and her mother said you asked for it.

I know who my Ohio house of representatives and Ohio senator are. I pay attention to how they vote on things. I know who is my US house of representatives and US senators are. I know who are on my township board.  I know what they are voting on and how they vote. I do give input and write letters BUT I make sure I am not whining. I do vote ALWAYS. I research the issues being voted on.

I have went from 6 bags of trash a week (for 2, think tin cans, boxes, take out) to 1-2 a week. The 5 R's of zero waste is refuse , reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Goal is to be like Daddy of using a grocery plastic bag for his weekly trash. Brother said most of the recycling was cardboard and cans.

Our township was recycling and then stopped. I will be checking to see if they are going to start back up. We do not have a recycling center in the area... closest one is an hour away.SO if they are not going to start back up then I need to focus more on REFUSE # 1 of zero waste

#2 of zero waste REDUCE

I will be focusing on reducing our use of propane (fossil fuel). Goal is to lower it by 1 tankful this year (already lowered it one tankful last heating season).

I will be focusing lowering electric (fossil fuel) Average amt this year was $150/ month for 2020. My goal is to average $125 for 2021.

I don't have a water bill but we have lowered that by adding rain gutters to the barn that is goes in a drain to the pond and rerouting 2/3rds of the house gutters to drain to the pond. SO we won't be trying to put water in the pond with a garden hose. SMILING.

We will limit take out to once a month and think about what containers it comes in. Chinese has reusable and recyclable plastic, pizza and calzone has card board. We burn our card board and paper and the ashes goes on the garden. Wood like limbs goes to E for him to burn when he heats water to make milk for the calves. 

I refill, I add water to shampoo, conditioner, soap, dish soap. etc. I make my own laundry soap in the same 5 gallon bucket.


We do this a lot but we could do better.

#4 Recycle 

We do not have recycling in this area but we do recycle within our home. I reuse a lot of stuff. Such as the plastic grocery bags that we get *when I can't use cloth bags* goes to Amish that sell produce during the growing season.

#5 Rot

We compost. The leaves that come off the tree is left to rot. 

There are other areas that slowing are going to be put in place.