Thursday, November 12, 2020

Nov 12 th Thankful

 That my appliance repairman can squeeze me in on Friday (Hubby staying home as I have an appt) to fix my cookstove that is completely broke down. The regulator that controls oxygen and propane went out. Can't use it due to carbon monoxide issues. So glad I was finish caramelizing the onions for the freezer when it started acting up. But since it did act up I just tossed the ripe tomatoes in the freezer to deal with later.

Thankful for the acknowledgement of a classmate that said his wife and him have been watching our FB and this blog to decide it they want to move to the country when they retire in 3 yrs. I did give him a heads up of things he really needs to check out ,like health coverage in that area, as he is moving out of state. Since he lived in Las Vegas for 8 yrs he understands high utility bills.

I am thankful Son2 warned me not to come in his home. His local VFW where he is an officer had a "river" of covid, one of them caught it working at the school and then they sponsored a toy run for bikers so over 1000 in tracing to begin with. SIGH.  He does not have any signs of it but why take a chance. If I am in the area I usually stop for the bathroom and kitty fix... okay mostly for the kitty fix but since I am there might as well use the bathroom Right? 

I am thankful I have a day that I can spending cleaning without trying to juggle other things in between. We have a phone conference with our one financial guy, the son is taking over the business and he just wants to touch base of where we are, what we need and how we want to continue. .

Blessed Be