Friday, February 19, 2021

doc office just called

 Two people in office have been let go for not making sure paperwork was completely. His scheduler has been informed she is to block Tuesdays for surgeries and follow ups for surgeries. If they mess it up again they are fired as there was no excuse for my follow up to be 2 months later. 

He filed complaint against anesthesiologist for not reading my file (he skimmed it) and giving me fentanyl when my chart says it doesn't work for me (actually specifies that a double shot of whiskey does more for me) and gave it to me anyways. Pain blocks do not work for me so that is another thing to go in my chart we did not .know.Doc think that comes from the CP since it's a nerve block.

Nurse that got me up the first time. I told her I was going to pass out and she tried to get me to step back to the bed... I said no put your leg behind me and I slide to floor down her leg and sat down. They don't have the rule that a nurse should have a belt on the patient even though Phys. therapy has pushed for it. I will be giving that in writing to the hospital as the nurse was smaller than me and could not hold me up. She did not argue with me when I told her to put her leg behind me. They wanted to call it an assisted fall, and her and I both specified I did NOT fall I sat down. Then I showed them with another nurse. 

They were shocked that all the one scheduled for surgery showed up. About half the nurses couldn't get in. 

Things you learn after surgery

Hubby will start plowing at 5:30 in the morning for 2 1/2 hrs to get to the road so you can go to surgery and then drive another 2 hrs to get you to surgery.

I know of at least 3 times he had to get the truck to pull the tractor out where he got it stuck.

 Going to the bathroom with a walker is annoying. Daughter 3 who has been on a walker for 3 months backed this.

Trying to wipe with a bum hip is more than annoying.

You can lift with 1 hand a 95 lb boxer when he accidently steps on your bad hip trying to snuggle to you in bed. No damage done unless you want to count Hubby's heart going into his throat when I yelled get off my hip.

Rascal took on Charlotte over getting to snuggle to me since she was "hogging" the snuggle area. He won, he usually backs down. He is not much of a fighter.

I still can not get out or in bed by my self.

I can't take the muscle relaxer as it turns my stomach. So Hubby cut it in 4ths and I can take it with carbs. I have my standard pain meds so that's not an issue but I can take Bayer back and body (same dosage of the aspirin they gave me) and an Aleve and it does as good as the pain meds and doesn't trigger my crohn's.

I just want to sleep, potty, drink something and potty again and then sleep. No appetite at all... SO eating soup and crackers.

M came over yesterday because she hadn't seen the truck out (it usually sits in front of the house) and E told her we were home as he saw the dogs being let in. She brought over a loaf of bread (figured I would need it to help with pain meds) and  Lemon pie as she knew it was my favorite.  

This afternoon is my first Outpatient therapy. When they "tested" me in the hospital they thought I was doing well considering they gave me too much pain meds during surgery and I didn't come out of it until the next day. My cerebral palsy is flaring big time. I had the nurse laughing because I kept saying put your leg down (had foot on toes) and then glanced to her and told her I constantly have to tell Rascal to put his leg down when he starts walking 3 legged.