Monday, October 3, 2022

Hubby's work


We grew them in crates and growbags and more straw than dirt. He said the best came from the store bought one... you know the ones you forget you have and they start growing. Not sure we will grow potatoes again. I like the variety but they take up a lot of room. E checked them out, said his produced a bit bigger but not as much. His sweet potatoes made ours look like wimpy. 

Speaking of E... M delivered a healthy baby girl last night. Midwife didn't make it in time so E delivered the baby. M was in labor 1 hr. Hubby went and got E's mom to check the baby and M out. She retired from midwife 2 yrs ago. Not sure her kids got that memo. Baby weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. Letting the other 9 kids name her so it might be a few days before they settle on a name. Said it was the fastest deliver she has ever had. She said she didn't mind it not taking the usual 1-2 days. Her niece is coming down from Michigan today to help take care of the younger kids and finish the canning which most of it is done anyways. I think the gathering of the last of the tomatoes and squash is it as she told me she already had her apple pie filling and applesauce done and that' usually the last of what she cans.

I am still sick... not allowed to touch produce (doctor's orders) until Friday and only if I have no symptoms SIGH. Might end up making pear butter from the pears in the frig. Apples are on the porch but it's only in the 50s. Hubby said there are a few crockneck and zucchini he needs to pick (and pull the plants)and he would cover the onions and carrots that are still growing. Yes I am whining about not being in the gardens or processing food.😷

I miss eating....I am thankful that I have bone broth and juices canned. Hubby is glad I have meals he can put together for himself quickly. But I miss eating. 

Blessed Be 

Prayers for peace