Thursday, November 2, 2023

frugal choices plus solar pump


The solar pump is now connected to the pressure tank. Electric pump is off. We will see how this saves electric. AND we will know how long a solar charge (goes to batteries and then the pump) works with OH sunlight. If the grid goes down here NW Ohio) like it does repeatedly in NE Ohio. We will be ok water wise.

I never bought a baby monitor for the kids or grandkids but Hubby sure did for this solar pump. He wanted to monitor the pressure and make sure there was no issues and doesn't want to go to the pump house every time he wants to check it.

First day, it turned off. He had it programed wrong.

Second day, he had the pressure drop to 15 before it would kick on. Takes less than 5 mins. to bring back up to pressure but the washer wasn't done filling and it shut off due to lack of water. So the pressure is set for 25 with no higher than 45 (50 is the max).

He wrote on the calendar were the electric meter was and where the propane tank level was. Said he was going to read both once a week. 

I have learned the curve of watching what water I am turning on with what ever is running also. Flushing the toilet when showering is  NO NO. LOL

We are being careful with our water. Our pond was 12 inches lower than normal. We have gotten 1 inch total rain this week. It's supposed to be drier winter in Ohio. If we don't get enough rain/snow. Six Amish families won't get ice this winter for their ice houses... which means we will be making ice blocks in the freezer. Been there and done that the second year we were here. We get our well water from SNOW. Rain runs off to the streams and rivers. Snow fills the water under ground which is the deep well.

Our Amish neighbor had his 1000 gallon cistern go dry. He is putting up more spouting to run to that on the new wash house he is building. Mean time has his wind mill pumping daily to bring water into the house by a garden hose. His sister in law is washing their whites so the rust in the well water doesn't ruin their whites.

Our water softener company let us know we are only using the water of 1 person daily. That does not count the watering of the gardens as I don't have outside water lines going through the softener. We have 3 more beds to replace then I can run the drip lines in the gardens. Goal for next spring. I have the drip lines. Bought them on sale.

I reused our canning water several times in the canner. I then used it to wash the pots and pans. We had a rain downspout break, Hubby put a trash can under it to catch the little rain we got. He then poured it in the drain of the pump house as that goes to the pond.

Our Amish neighbor came over to use the phone. He came up to the house because it wouldn't go through (we put a phone in the barn for Amish to use). He handed Hubby the paper with the number and then had to pull out his flashlight for Hubby to read it. He wasn't using the 1 in front of the number for long distance. He thought it was funny he was using his flashlight in an Englisher house. We only have a ceiling fan light in the dining room and I have it so the light doesn't come on. We use oil lamp and Christmas LED candle for light in that area. We moved our supper to 4 so we don't have to turn on lights to eat since it will be getting dark at 5. 

The wood stove is on. Propane furnace is off. It's now cold enough outside that the house doesn't get up to 80 plus with the wood stove (we open windows just like Amish do) and it stays around 74  to 76 degrees.

I didn't decorate for Fall... mostly because of how sick I have been (thankful it is SLOWLY going away, doc thinks it's long haul side effect of covid) SO besides the pumpkin decoration with LED string lights there is no extra lights. I bought LED lights for 2 windows that was still the old lights so ALL the lights for Christmas is LED now.

I am done canning (Hubby says I will find something to can) but all the food is in the pantry. I told him We are eating from the pantry and freezers. I want to do more canning of our meat and less counting on the freezers. 

How are you doing?

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be