Friday, February 28, 2020


a friend just asked me if we were quarantined if we would have enough food and meds for our dogs...

we have 156 lbs of dog food in the barn and I can always cook food from the freezers if needed.  Meds..  we would make it 3 months.

Feb ending , Planning March

I didn't get two of the books read I wanted to read .... Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler and the Journey Without You by Teresa Carter Kissie.

I didn't do any winter sowing. Temperatures have been swinging from high 50s to teens. No wonder everyone is sick.

I didn't start any seeds before I went to Son 2's so Hubby didn't have to worry about watering them.  I didn't start them when I got home because I had an allergy attack and figured I best get over it before I start messing in potting soil and stuff.

I didn't feel well most of Feb and the week I did I was babysitting son 2 HA HA

So for March

Hubby wants to have his LLC and DOT/PUCO numbers and a sign for his truck all set up. He still needs a digital log also but is looking for one to run on his phone. He is also looking at getting a better phone. His is several years old and it would handle what he is doing better if he had a more up to date phone.

He wants to have the sq foot garden boxes cut and ready for me to paint by mid March. At this point I am thinking it will be probably closer to end of March due to 1 hauler being out of state for next 10 days, one still working on repairing his truck for next 2 wks and one out sick for next 5 days.

He also wants to have his cost estimate of repair of basement ramp and kitchen porch around.

Mine is

start seeds in grow light cart.

paint and seal square foot garden boxes (going to be 2 ft wide, 8 ft long and 1 ft deep)I can do this in the barn

Fill sq ft garden boxes with soil and cover to warm.  Then start planting cool weather crops.

That's the priority ...getting the food started.

I want to also go through my clothes and down size again. I've lost inches so a lot of things are just "hanging" on me.

We are eating from the freezers. I would like to see the 3 refrigerators freezers empty so I can start pulling food from the deep freezers. This should be very doable as I emptied on of the freezer drawers on the kitchen refrigerator last week and refilled it from the other freezers.

I have a couple chuck roasts (buy 1 get 1 free plus $ off if I bought so much in the meat dept) to cook to make pot roast, Channel 10 (Columbus OH) Dom Tiberi pot roast chili (to can), beef veg soup (to can) and beef pot pie. Maybe beef and noodles if there is enough left.

I need to put the house maintenance stuff in to storage that we got yesterday. I already put the OTC meds away.

I need to put the non food stuff away. Freezer bags, foil, sandwich bags etc.

I need to put the odds and ends of food we got also. Tortilla chips (we do nacho's a lot in warm weather) Fritos for Hubby when he eats chili. Potato chips for the sandwich meals  Coffee that was on sale for $2 off and then you got another $1 off if you bought 5, so basically I got 2 free. Coke/Sprite I am down to 1 coke every other day. Sprite for when I am sick.

I got 3 lbs of frozen chicken breast for $1/lb due to being on sale and having coupon for the chicken. Going to cook all of it at one time for chicken salad and stir fry and chicken broccoli and rice dish.

I got broccoli (for broccoli salad, stir fry and chicken dish)

I got asparagus... too cold yet for ours but it's was $1.99 for a lb. I have none left in freezer but we have some jars of it pickled left.

I got mushrooms half priced. Milk, heavy cream and half and half marked half priced.

I got 4 large red bell peppers for the same price of 3 tricolor bells.  I can't eat green ones.

I got 1 bunch of green onions.

The only thing I didn't get on the list was wonton wraps and egg roll wraps because the store here doesn't carry it. I will get them next week when we have a doctor appt in Sidney as they carry them all the time. I have hamburger and bean sprouts and cabbage to make egg rolls with. And some recipes to make wonton soup since I have all the rest of the ingredients.

I got tomatoes on the vine and shredded lettuce for tacos and enchiladas

I got steakhouse salad mix with my coupon and marked down so we could have some fresh salad to help me adjust to eating raw veggies before they start coming in from the garden in May.

I pulled Angel food cake slices today for dessert to go with mixed berry pie filling.We just finished the rhubarb strawberry pie.

I would really really like to not be sick and tired during March as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I sure don't remember my parents every being as ill as my brother and me... Now Aunt Hazel and Grandma on Daddy's side was always sick. He always said I took after them.