Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ending the year ramble

 Even though it was almost 60 outside, we kept the wood stove going instead of letting it go out and turning on the furnace. I would like to not have to order propane before Feb.  I used up 2 large pots (#25 ball and root pots) of scraps from the Sawmill for the stove. Most just toss the pieces, some as small as 1 inch wide by 1inch. I use the stove shovel and shovel that stuff in. Usually will burn for 30 minutes to an hour depending on what gets shoveled in with it. End cuts off pallets goes in that mixture also.

A couple of gentlemen around the block (ha ha as the block is about 5 miles) that has sold us some wood offered us the scraps they can't cut to sell so we took the wagon over at the beginning of Dec. The one called last night, their dad who lives out of state had emergency heart surgery. They are taking turns of who is going to take care of him and they were going to try to finish cutting wood. We offered for them to just put what ever they had not cut  and what ever they had cut sitting there , to load up we would buy that also. Gives us wood for next year at this year's price PLUS clears out their yard incase they don't go back to cutting wood for a longer time than they are planning. Hubby offered to bring our tractor and help them load. 

We also have a load up at 309 sawmill that they want him to get at no cost to us. Just pieces that won't cut the right size for the lumber they are cutting and no one wants it.

We contacted the kids about dropping off Christmas today after Hubby's medical appt. Now even the boys have the crud. One granddaughter is taking delivery for two other families. Said she would have her husband deliver them as he is wearing mask and gloves when at work anyways. I can put it on the porch and she will come out and get it when I go back off the porch. She will Lysol it LOL. Keeps me from being around it 

Son 2 told me to tap on the door and then put it in the garage. Covid came back negative but he thinks it's a false negative as he has had covid before, flu test came back negative also but he is definitely sick. I told him the unnamed virus is like that and there is no test or treatment at this time for it.

 Daughter 2 is iffy. She thinks she is okay but for me to text her before stopping. She might get called in to work as others are getting it. Since there are several birthdays coming up, I am dropping those off also. 

We don't need milk so no stopping at the store. AND we have already planned eating out for today. 

I thought dog tags were due this month, they are due next month so I moved that to Jan. I will be buying the 3 yr tags. Charlotte is 6 so probably won't buy more for her unless she is like Wilbur and Rascal that both lived until 12/13 yrs old.

E gave us 5 gallons of mineral oil for lamps for the running we did when M had Susie. That saved us $25. Should get us through the rest of winter. We sure did not use 5 gallons of fuel in the truck to go get her one mile away.  We get 17 mpg in truck.

E told us he paid the hired girl (niece that is 16) $60 for coming over to help with baking as his two older girls couldn't handle it with trying to take care of the younger kids while M is down from having Susie. I asked what the boys were doing? As usually the boys handle the younger ones while the girls are in kitchen. They were in field picking feed corn and he was in the barn with a mare delivering. GEEZE.

 Did say the niece went to making the pies while the bread dough was raising, something the M had stopped doing and admitted she needed to get back to that timing. They baked 36 loaves of bread, 4 sheet cakes (about 17 inches by 12 inches) and 24 pies in one day as they would not be baking until the following Wednesday after Christmas. I am quite sure all three stoves were being used. I also told him to say something as I could have baked the cakes. He admitted the M told him that after he had already sent for the niece. 

I scheduled our chiro for the 2nd so I can pit stopped at Kroger's and use my Fresh Mode credit that expires the next day.

I refilled our vitamins from my stock, checked to see what the price was now. Price had went up 3%. 

We had some Christmas decorations die, I found replacements on clearance and ordered them using my Pinecone research credits to pay for them at Amazon.

I gathered our tax stuff, the only thing left is Hubby's business he closed and he said he has most of it. The bank said if he had issues getting some statements to down load to come in and they would just print them off for free for him. I can see him just going to go get them.

I need to finish putting Christmas away and deal with some extra food into the freezers. 

Prayers for peace

Blessed Be