Sunday, April 29, 2018

Frugal week

Stopped at Walgreens and got Hubby vitamins on sale with a coupon and picked up the pic Daughter4's daughter sent me of her in uniform (ROTC, she's 15(turns 16 in July) in her 2nd year of college that she wanted my Daddy to have for his 91 st birthday this week .Told me today she wanted to follow in her Uncle's (Son2)footsteps. I didn't want to tell her she already blowed way past him as he definitely was not in college at 15. 

Stopped at Krogers and got fuel and facial tissues as we were out completely and it counted for my 5th trip (6 trips this month and get $10 digital coupon) Tomorrow I will get bottled water for 209 and milk

April grocery budget is at $208.14 so should be under the budget of $250 with buying the milk and water tomorrow.

Opened the house and turned off furnace on warm days. Opened the  house at 209 to WARM the house as the house is so well insulated that it doesn't allow the heat of the day to warm it up that much either... good and bad on that.

Changed our big meal to lunch and went to eating either leftovers or appetizers/soups for dinner. Hubby was starting to pick back up the weight he had lost and that simple change he had started losing again.We are working hard on 209 and here during the day and pretty come to a stand still at dinner time.

Hubby watched some shows using my Amazon prime.

I have drove Hubby nuts with "is it on sale? Can we wait until it's on sale? Is that the best price we can find?" mode of everything.

I cleared an area at 209 to plant some plants even though I will have to carry water to them if it doesn't rain. I got a lot of plants including herbs for 50% off as with it pushing May most won't care to plant cool weather crops now. 

I mended a pair of jeans for Hubby, a top for Daughter2 and fixed a dress that was given to me.

We used gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas. Used Speedway fuel points that Hubby cashed in for gas and Kroger points that I got with groceries.

We have taken our drinks and a couple times our lunches to 209. If we eat out while there(mostly to get inside some where WARM) we either get the special at the local store or go to the Chinese restuarant during lunch hour which on the cheap side (can't eat at McD's at that price)

Blessed Be

209 included

Okay... the tractor ordered came in . Hubby already mowed here with it just to make sure it ran decent before hauling it over to 209

We got this used 500 gal tank for diesel fuel for the tractor for less than an used 200 tank was running.

We got this tower for Hubby's Ham Radio antennia and for the tv antennia for less than 1/10th of the going price.

Today Son2 went to Home Depot and bought our flooring for the 2 baths, laundry room and the 2 loft rooms he has claimed when he comes and spends the night.
It is Anderson, Rigid Core Vinyl plank flooring Sterling oak.It has rubber backing so it can be in wet areas also with out adding a extra liner under it.
It worked well for him and us as he needed us to bring our trailer down as he bought a riding lawn mower and wanted advice on a trimmer. We dropped off a small load of odds and ends to Daughter4 since we were in her area.

Hubby said when he went over Saturday that he got all of the temporary fence we had for the dogs down and had a decent start on the section we will be making for the dogs for when we are not at home all day so they aren't cooped up in the house. They will have a nice section of the barn and fenced in area so they aren't out rooming around. Our neighbor is going to have his kids and himself make friends with the dogs so if needed, they could take care of them is something happened.

We got 3 doors put on (not the storm doors yet) Both front doors which we now call kitchen door and front door along with back door is put on.

One of the pleasures of where we moving to is watching the neighbors horses when they are grazing in the field next to us.

 We also watched the truck deliver feed as the neighbor took his wagons down to the road as it's hard for the feed truck to turn around up at the barn. Hubby would have just backed it up the lane so it must have been someone not comfortable with backing up long lanes.

We met with the head contractor to firm up bathrooms as he wanted to upgrade the wheelchair shower since that area is bigger now that it is gutted than what he thought.ALSO he changed the cabinets in the kitchen (again, some more HA HA HA)When he sat down with the onsite head contractor they figured out that I could have a L shape with base cabinets (I am not getting any upper cabinets at all) I had picked out different styles but stayed with Maple coloring. It' looks on the brown side but when we had it in 209 it picked up a red tint to it.

This was my favorite pick. They were talking of making double sided cabinets vs single side and a longer section. I made the limit at 8 ft. in length as lon as I get my dishwasher, sink and 6 ft of work counter I am fine.

Head contractor is now on the onsite head contractor (it can get confusing at times) about not having the electric down, and the plumbing done as he wants to get the painting down before he does the floors and the floors done before he put in cabinets and wants to be done by end of MAY.

Said he wanted to get things on site and Hubby pointed at me and I rattled off what was ON SITE.. I missed buying one light (did that today) and having the last of the paneling for the lofts picked up (waiting for sale or rebate) and the paint chips to him ;he uses Sherwin Williams and they told him for me to take what I wanted into the local one here and they would help me match it so if they can't match it exactly I can chose which way I want to go. I know the colors and shades so that's on the to do list tomorrow.FLooring is on trailer to go over tomorrow with tractor. Hubby is working on area for the dogs again with hope of getting that off the list this week.

Our Amish neighbor stopped over as his wife wanted to know if we were keeping the strawberries or plowing them under( they would have dug them up for themselves)... definitely not plowing them under. He offered to have his girls and wife to take care of them (red clover is thick through them ) and harvest them for us if we would split the harvest 50/50... works for me and since it was his brother that planted them he was willing to share with his brother also.If I can I will also be taking my strawberry plants from here and will be sharing those plants with the neighbor and brother. Very connected community even with part of us being Englishers.Very helpful and the Widow (as they refer to her and she is Englisher like us) told our neighbor she had closed our mailbox a couple times as it was opening back up when the mail lady would pull out. We replaced the mailbox.I left her a thank you note as we seem to be passing each other on the road a lot.

Blessed Be