Sunday, December 16, 2012


We have had several deaths and serious illnesses in the family since Oct. I got diagnosed with Crohn's and have to change what and how I eat and how to deal with stress.

Our insurance changed and my treatments for my birth defect are no longer covered. So the choice it go without treatments and be in pain and not able to function in daily life or cut the grocery budget to cover the cost of the treatments.

Grocery budget is getting cut. I do plant a large garden plus 8 4 ft x 4 ft square foot gardens each spring. Right now I have one of those growing lettuces while covered with a tee pee of plastic to make a mini hot house.

So we have made the following choices

#1 we have made is to make sure that we eat daily foods that help lower inflammation and increase our immunity.

#2 that we don't waste food. I have found when I am not able to cook that the veggies in the frig get bad because hubby doesn't do fresh veggies.

#3 that we focus on eating out of the pantry which is huge as I have a year's supply of entrees in it and about 3-4 months of side dishes.

#4 that what foods we do buy are in season for our area.

My 2 deep freezers (one upright that I have a love hate relationship with) and a small chest type are full. Both refrigerators freezers are full also.

Tomorrow I will go through the 2 refrigerators and check what needs used up or if something needs pitched since trash(refuse/garbage, what every you want to call it) goes to the road Monday night for Tuesday morning pick up.

Prayers for all...
Blessed Be