Saturday, September 24, 2022

I am so


The garden is coming off ... 1st frost in forecast.

I picked all the tomatoes and will cover the green ones that are on the picnic table.

I covered the last 2 heads of winter lettuce.

I tucked my flowers and basil in next to the house.

I covered the celery. 

We dodged the frost but wouldn't be shocked if we get an early freeze. Next chance is next Thursday. 

Hubby pulled all the tomato plants including cherry tomatoes. I have a couple small cherry tomato plants in pots we can get a few off at a time. 

The crockneck and zucchini are still producing, slowly. 

Peas are still producing slowly. 

I have 2 heads of winter lettuce. I have some green onions. Both I will need to pull this coming week or cover.

Carrots are really slow. We might end up covering them with straw to keep them going.

I had already started the potato harvests. Yukon gold was done( 5 meals) and started on the russets (3 meals).

I got Purple majesty harvest done

This will make at least 5 meals for us. 

Red luna is done , 

Another 5 meals.

German butterball are done

at least 4 meals, might be 5.

We went back through the sweet potato beds.

smaller but almost doubled what we had pulled the first time. With both harvests we have enough for 30 meals.

I harvested more peas. Another 2 meals in the freezer. I will be harvesting again this afternoon. I have dehydrated peas to add to soups and such. I would like another 8 meals for the freezer but know I will be lucky to get another 2. I need Brussels spouts. I have zero of them and Hubby really likes them. 

I have pears to can today. Thinking of  vanilla bean pear pie filling. Have never ate pear pie filling. 

Zucchini to peel and shred for freezer for zucchini pies through this winter which we both love. 

Zucchini and crockneck squash to chop up for freezer. 

Cantaloupe and watermelon to put in freezer.

Tomato left over skin and seeds to grind that I put in dehydrator yesterday. Should be done to grind.

Tomato juice to cook down to sauce to can today.

Broccoli I blanched (stems diced and blanched for soups) that I flash froze to be vacuumed bagged today.

Cauliflower needs blanched and flash froze today, and vacuumed bag tomorrow.

Tuesday I have 1/2 bushel of red delicious apples coming in to make applesauce and 1/2 bushel of golden delicious apples to make applesauce or pie filling. I will use the cores and peeling to make apple butter. In October there should be fuji and honey crisp apples.

I might pick up more pears. I will know after I can this 1/2 bushel. OR I might just pick up some canned pears at Aldi's.

I washed all the summer bedding and curtains and line dried them and then packed into rubber maid. I have 1 container to take back to barn.

I washed and lined dried all the winter bedding and curtains. Beds are now made with winter bedding (except one that Charlotte decided she wanted to take a nap on, so that's for later) 

I NEED to finish washing the windows and hang the winter curtains. I did lock them so there is not much air coming through them (old windows).

We are out of bread but still have tortilla wraps. I can make corn bread or biscuits if needed as I won't be baking bread while canning.  

Days keep rolling, to do list gets longer. We write what we think about needing done down but right now it's more of "what HAS to be done today?" mode.

Blessed be 

Prayers for peace because insanity is running wild.