Wednesday, September 20, 2023

SIGH... at ER


Dropped off bow that E dry shot (yes he know better but he did it anyways so now he has ours so he can hunt) to be fixed. Says right on his box that he stores it in to NOT dry shoot it.

Dropped of E's bank deposit

Had Hubby's follow up appt with primary doctor. He cleared him to remove bandage and lift more than 5 lbs. Talked about changing a prescription.

Walked into the parking lot and I said, we are going to UVMC, I've had enough of this Crohn's

WELL... either the Crohn's started the raging UTI that I had NO symptoms of or it triggered the Crohn's... I guess 6 one half dozen another. ALSO my potassium was low but now I understand why I kept feeling we were missing something with me not feeling well.

SO now on meds to "clear up" UTI which will make the Crohn's worse before it starts clearing up

On the good side... this will wipe out what is left of MY out of pocket for the year.  I just need to come up with the cash SIGH.