Tuesday, July 7, 2015

what I did that was frugal

Used my coupons for Joann's fabric for 20% off.

Went to Scioto Valley produce auction.  Forgetting to load the 36 pints of black raspberries and going back to get them was not frugal (2 hr round trip) Still with adding the extra gas we saved close to $200 on produce for the storage.

Used discount along with sale to get new undergarments for myself.

Reloaded Skype so I can "visit" with grandkids and friends. I had it but had to dump my computer due to glitch and just now reloaded it.

I started inventorying my pantry to see what is needed for this fall/winter.

We are trying to get away from shopping every week except when we can get double gas pts. (until Aug 2) and away from food that has chemicals etc.

I am close to having all the veggies we need for the winter, just need green beans for the freezer, my pole beans are blooming so I am hopeful for that. I need corn and winter squash. I get my winter squash from Scioto Valley produce auction or Wishing Well farm.

We will be eating from the pantry this week.

This weeks goals

harvest green beans
harvest cauliflower
harvest cabbage
harvest tomatoes
harvest green onions
harvest several herbs
start planting for fall and winter crops.
refill north east sq ft with fresh dirt.

zucchini (bought at auction)
yellow squash (bought at auction)
pickles (bought at auction)
beets(bought at auction)

Joann fabrics to use coupons ...needles for the sewing machine for sure.
store for milk, dog food, and soda pop, paper plates and forks for the cake for my older daughter's wedding. Going to get a little bit each week.

Fix daughter's veil to comb so if she decided on a veil she can have it available. We have had the veil for 16 yrs in storage on a headband. I have 2 combs that would be more to what she wants now if she decides to wear the veil.
Hem my own dress for the wedding.
Cut out an apron and sew it.

tape craft/sewing room
primer craft/sewing room
paint craft/sewing room
set up craft/sewing room

Blog goals
post goals for the week
post accomplishments of the week
post frugal choices of the week.

what I got done

1.DONE pull older broccoli 
2. DONE pull bolting lettuce that I don't want the seed from
3. DONE harvest lettuce
4. harvest green beans
5. harvest cauliflower
6.DONE harvest broccoli
7. harvest cabbage
8. replant areas with fall/winter seeds that have been cleared
9. repair north east sq ft 
10. DONE add another sq ft garden to south gardens
11.DONE check potted plants
12 harvest basil
13. harvest rosemary
14 harvest tomatoes.

1.DONEfreeze cauliflower
2. DONEfreeze broccoli
3. freeze cabbage (cabbage rolls, freezer slaw)
4. bake coconut cream pie for Dad
5. grill out (or I should say grill in the garage :( )

1. hem the dress I am wearing to my daughter's wedding Aug 1st
2. cut out and sew one apron
3. get material for winter curtains (as Dad might be in the master bedroom we will be in room upstairs without heat and it has a lot of drafts) for upstairs bedroom.
4. sew buttons on my blouse
5. sew hem on sheet that came undone due to wind while hanging on clothes line.
6. make new table cloth for the glass dining table we just got.

1: go to Joann's fabric for sales , need needles for machine, thread for dress that I need to hem and need fabric for a few things around the house including for table cloths.I got a coupon in the mail.
2.DONE drop off daughter's wedding gown that has been in storage 16 yrs to dry cleaners
3. go see my Dad and take meals to him. He can still cook but hasn't learned to cook for one and gets tired of eating leftovers...my leftovers are something else though. Also he noticed that when he cooks and smells it , he loses his appetite . It's hot also and he no longer uses his grill.
4. DONEmaybe go to Kroger's if there is something there we need. Right now we are getting double points for gas. I saved $49. last month on gas using double pts.
5. DONEWe might go to the Scioto Valley produce auction on Friday. Just to see if we can get some broccoli for the freezer.

1. tape "craft room" actually upstairs bedroom but I need a place to have all my crafts and sewing together.
2. primer craft room
3. paint craft room
4. set up craft/sewing room.  

1. to actually write on my blog not just think about what I want to write on my blog when I am going to sleep.