Thursday, June 16, 2022


Not ours but our family. 

Central Ohio has been without electric since Monday night between storms, tornados and the heat wave with feel like temps 105 to 115. It has been horrible for those going through this. Some still don't have electric and it's a maybe for tomorrow. A lot of nursing homes, assistant living  and hospital are on emergency power and can't open windows for what little breeze there is. 

Hubby's brother and sister lost everything in their freezers and refrigerators. I can tell you that is a financial hit big time for his sister who is already on a strict budget on low income. His parents are on generator on their propane so the frig and freezer are okay but they can't run their AC on it. They were thankful they grew up without AC and knew what to do to keep the house cool. Gave advice to several of their grandkids. ( Our kids didn't grow up with AC).

Most home insurance policies will not cover much of lost food unless by fire. Some won't then. SO you might want to check your policies. 

Hubby's parents thought we were stupid for preparing for the grid to go down... they don't now. BUT I did point out to Hubby I needed to be canning more of our meat. I have froze snow peas, peas and strawberries though the majority of the berries are in pie filling and jam. I am now dehydrating the last of them. I should have the last in the dehydrator today.

It made us stop and think if we were preparing enough to be off grid.

This is Charlotte at 7 A.M. as I was putting laundry out and Hubby was making sure E's two cows' water barrel was full.

One of the ways I am keeping the house cooler so the A.C. doesn't run as much.

side purpose is to dry the laundry. ;)

Tonight is salad with what ever we can use without me turning on the stove so no boiled eggs or pasta.