Sunday, April 13, 2014

Over a month

And it's been a rough one. Even the two weeks I spent with friends welcoming home a couple (she will be 93 next week and he will be 83 beginning of May)was still a rough one...why?

Because while out of state doing such...I broke my molar...I got sick...laid in bed for almost a week wondering if I was every going to be well again...and then did too much when I did get well and messed up my body to the point the the massage therapist was praying over me as I moaned with pain. Physical Therapy was a wash out, my ins won't pay for the chiropractor because I have a deformed lumbar so they don't see any point in me going to the chiro even for pain mgt....that is what pill popping is for which is NOT what my medical doctor wants for me.

ANYWAYS...mean time...winter refuses to go away and STAY away so I won't be planting any spring crops.....sigh....I miss my spring crops.

But I do have a good start of my summer crops you can see I have a 3 ft by 6 ft card table covered with healthy squashes and cucumbers plus a few others that are not in the picture. In fact there are a couple tomato plants I brought back for my Dad as he likes Mr. Stripey and has problems finding plants for his garden. I also have a 6 ft counter top covered with "hot house full of seeds and 2 trays under a 4 ft grow light of seedlings for the gardens.

Now if only Mother Nature and my body would get their act together.

We have been eating from the pantry until 1 wk ago.I bought bacon. We hadn't had any for over 3 months. I also got a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, the salad disappeared in 2 days. We ate out, smoked ribs that we hadn't had for awhile but still kept well in our $400 budget including non food which is our biggest expense

Now it's back to eating out of the pantry, not only because of the tight budget (we have paid off 3 major bills and gained 2 thanks to my health) but because I will need to clean the deep freezers, frig freezers and pantry for the incoming harvest...if Mother Nature works with me.

Meantime my to do list has grown to over 2200 items I want done by the end of May....that includes appts. and other things that are not in my normal day. I just keep ticking things off...except on Sundays

Sunday is the day of rest, renew my spirit and organize and plan for the coming week.

Blessed be