Tuesday, December 20, 2022

bad weather prep, frugal items, update on kids.

 It's going to be a wintery mess the end of this week

Rain/snow depending on what time it comes in due to being in low 40s to dropping to 30s ... anywhere from 1 to 5 inches of snow on Thursday

30 to 50 MPH winds on Friday with the temps in the single digits

Artic slam on Saturday with wind chill at 20 degrees BELOW if not more

High possible on Sunday (Christmas) is ZERO for the temp with 25 mph winds. 

Hubby didn't finish getting the solar pump installed , hand pump does work and will pump to pressure tank at least nor did he go get diesel fuel for the tractor and other generator (he keeps the work truck full) BUT he had regular gas delivered  for our tank that would also help if E runs out of gas for their water pump he uses a small gas motor to pump.(Just a side note, E is changing to wind power with gas pump back up for his water after Hubby told him why we were going to solar, grid down affects them also)

 So I put diesel fuel on the to do list along with all of the other things we want to get done while out for appts. 

We had all meals but one from pantry/freezers. Hubby picked up $11 gas station pizza one night.

I cashed in my pinecone and swag bucks for gift cards. Matched amount went to savings.

I used Menards rebate to pay for a couple items Hubby needed for the solar pump. Matched amount went to savings

Hubby used a TSC rewards, matched amount to go to savings

I used 4 coupons at Kroger's and 10 cents off gas... matched amount when to savings

I bought thrift bakery buns (amount difference compared to Walmart went to savings) and used the condiments we had at home for the HAM radio group dinner. There was no horseradish cream to come home. 

We are using the Christmas lights as our lighting in the mornings while we drink our coffee and talk over the day and oil lamps if needed. Hubby uses a task light at his computer and I use one when reading.

I found a total of $1.20 in coins that is in the coin jar 

I paid off the last of the school taxes that were not due until Feb.

I went back through our subscriptions, if it's not saving us the amount it is costing us it got cancelled. I will not renew one and the other 4 will be continued.

I am using the clothes line to freeze dry and/or the drying rack for laundry

All the bills that came in that was lower than budgeted amount... the "extra" $$ got transferred to local savings so if they come in higher during winter the money is sitting there but making us some money while doing so.

I broke even on my IRAs. I earned the same amount I lost.

Hubby made money at the shock of our finance group when most were losing 10-18%. We are hoping this coming year things settle down.

I figured out that we could use 22 bags of coal a week to equal what we would spend on propane. Our coal provider let us know that with what is coming in we would use 4 bags a day and he isn't getting the next load of coal until Jan so we went back to wood which mainly is FREE. It's just we do have to feed it during the night and load it like night time if gone over 2 hrs. I just turned the furnace up to 62 so if the stove goes out, Charlotte will still have decent heat along with the plumbing.

Today we are going to doctor's appt. Since I am not going to run around in horrible weather I combined stopping at dentist office to drop off info, drop Christmas cards at post office, getting dog tags, doc appt., picking up prime rib on way back as we pass the butcher shop (it's 10 miles outside of town), getting the last of the groceries and milk that I will be out of today for holidays , Hubby will get diesel while I am getting groceries and then hopefully my meds will be in for me to pick up.

Hubby ran (since Amish don't have phones) his business errands this morning to confirm what jobs he was doing this week since he will not haul during the bad weather. He was able to shift some things around and one of the Amish won't be ready for him to pick up a load anyways due to flu hitting the family. He wasn't even willing to open door to talk so not to pass it. 

I had enough in local bank savings to move to our "savings" bank that has better interest (negative is it takes a week to move it from one acct back to checking acct. but that definitely makes us think if we want to go through that or not).

We have a money market 3 % interest set up for medical. We now have 50% there *25%  is in another savings as we will be paying co-pays again Jan 1st .SO only need to save another 25% and then start saving for 2024 on Medicare.

We have a 12 month CD 4.15% interest (no minimum to open)

We have a 11 month no penalty 3.5% interest (no minimum to open)   

It's been a long time that my savings didn't out earn CD's or I had to have a large amount to open one.

I set up monthly spread sheets to track outflow and income. I set a separate one for savings . Hubby is now listing what category on receipts so I know what it is for besides how he paid for it.

Daughter 1 is doing better since surgery on her wrist. Back to work as floor  manager of Walmart. Her family is fine, all 5 kids working, and grandkids are starting to come along at a steady rate LOL

Daughter 2 changed jobs after 19 yrs would have been 20 in March. Server and bartender... She is now custodian at a local school with solid 40 hrs. a week, benefits and retirement. She is working Saturdays at the old job and willing to be on call for fill in on weekends. Things seem to have settled down some with the job change. All her kids are working, one in Army is to be home this week and she is expecting another grandchild.

Daughter 3 is working steady, has her 2nd child getting ready to move out on their own (I've gotten lots of texts of her struggling to deal with the child being old enough even though the kid is a nurse working full time) The other kids are doing well.

Daughter 4 got her cost estimate for her surgery as it's pre existing she has to pay a chunk of it. Thinks she will have enough before her doctor tells her it is a must for surgery. 

Son 1 is working and doing fine, said he is just dating around. 

Son 2 is still celebrating retiring from Army. Loves his job at Air Force (civilian)  and is doing well in his relationship with his lady as her focus is raising her 13 yr old and he is fine with that. 

It's nice to know going into the holiday that drama and health is good. We will probably all come down with some bug or another after Christmas which seems to be the norm after 50 yrs (Lord the oldest is 50 LOL)

Blessed be

Prayers for peace