Monday, October 10, 2022



2008, Daughter 2 was going to toss this because the lights burnt out. I hauled it home and put a new strand of lights in it. Every October I take a pic of it and send it to her.

It's almost all the way turned now but the maple behind it is still mostly green.  

It got cold over the weekend. Like Cookie , our other husky mix, she is laying on the heater vent.

E came over and helped Hubby put the chimney up. We have another section for just incase. It's the right height etc. but E said it's more of how the wind comes through with our barn being taller than out house. He had to add another section to his. Said we would know about the second time we lit the stove.

Stove needs 2 small pieces on it's chimney and it's starter up. Hubby is trying to get it done before Thursday when the rain comes in and brings the colder air. Looks like these few days are our Indian summer. 

Today I put 4 meals of ham in freezer and canned 16 pints of ham broth. I have a couple friends watching for sales for turkey for me. I loaded the dehydrators with celery, zucchini, yellow zucchini and crockneck squash. 

We ate from the menu until last night when I made Philly steak subs. We will be eating the rest of it for tonight's supper. 

We have been using the oil lamp in the morning and trying to make sure we eat supper before it gets dark. Another month and it will be dark and hour before we usually eat. We use mineral spirits aka mineral oil in our lamps. It doesn't trigger my asthma. 

We have noticed we automatically eat red, green or orange veggies and fruit. Yellow and blue/black/purple are not usually on the table. At least we are improving.

Need to bring the laundry in off the line.

Blessed Be everyone

Prayers for peace