Friday, November 6, 2020

Thankful 6th

 I am thankful for the wonderful Indian summer week we are getting. One more time of drying the bedding out on the line right down to the mattress protector has been wonderful. 

I am thankful I am bagging the second gallon of brussels sprouts today and harvesting off three more plants. ( I think there are 6 left)

I am thankful I had a set of Christmas LED lights to put inside the Halloween pumpkin (I turn it around so the face doesn't show in Nov) as the one set died. I set pics to Daughter 2 as it was the one she was going to throw away in 2007 and I took it home. Said it was the best $2 she ever spent.

I am thankful that Daughter 3 and her two oldest were not hurt worse when a car pulled out in front of them. Kids were not hurt at all. Daughter 3 broke her heel and is bruised and "burnt" on her arm from the air bag. She was pinned in the seat. Not surprised as she's only 4ft 10 and sits almost on top the of steering wheel. She was in a SUV. If she had been in the small car she would have been crushed according to the officer that was there.  I am thankful her employer will work with her limits of being on her foot.