Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Holiday schedule and medical crap

 This week I am making for a potluck dinner on Saturday

sweet potato rolls (first time) 

Vintage Betty Crocker Refrigerator dough (for rolls , first time)

Basic soft white sandwich loaf (our go to now days)

Amish pineapple pudding (M's recipe) (first time making it but we have ate it )

Apple-Cider doughnut cake (first time)

Cranberry custard pie (first time)

Nantucket Christmas Cranberry pie (first time)

Christmas tortilla rollups (old favorite)

Jalapeno popper dip (spicy and mild, old favorite)

Crock pot Buffalo chicken (will be turkey) dip (granddaughter's recipe and we liked it)

celery sticks and tortilla chips 

MAYBE Cranberry eggnog salad (think jello salad) if I have a 8 cup ring mold.

Why? Because this is how we test new recipes and not have to eat or bring the leftovers home if we don't like them. Someone at this dinner will take it instead. 

Tomorrow I have physical therapy starting for the ice pick headaches I have gotten. Specialist mentioned dry needling (I hate needles) but left it to the therapist to figure out the best. Since I have rebar in concrete (what my deep massage therapist called them ) for shoulders. They are not sure that is the answer when maybe regular deep massage would be better. My massage therapist retired after getting hurt at his day job.  Therapy is an hour away so they are going to try to work my therapy into Tuesdays when I am already in the area but it might not happen that way. We will see. 

My EEG for the ice pick heads and to see what damage the stroke in 2000 did is Jan 4th. Specialist said the headaches gave him the opening to run the test. It will show if I have vascular dementia caused by the stroke. 

Meantime, Doc thinks Hubby has the beginnings of Parkinson due to hand tremors... his hands have done that since he was 17, he broke a carpal tunnel bone, that did not heal and had to have surgery in the left hand which is the one that shakes the most. They had put him on a med that no longer works. So they are going to start running tests in Jan on that. We know his grandpa had and his dad has Parkinson and both also had dementia from it. 

I said something to Hubby's parents and they said we are now at the age where driving each other to medical appointments is the "date" of the week ...OH MY.