Monday, March 8, 2021

Bright and sunny day but cold until afternoon


It still has it's blooms now for about 2 months. 

Hubby sprayed the apple trees. 

Hubby moved the oak branches he trimmed to the back of the barn to finish drying some more before we cut it up for the fire pit.

Hubby checked where we had water over running a spouting. Must have had an ice dam inside it as there was nothing in the spouting.

Hubby checked the level of the propane. 

Hubby went to ACE and got Preen and Green (or something like that) using a coupon that was getting ready to expire saving 20%. He also stopped and got dog food at TSC that was $1 off a bag.

Hubby stopped at L and A to ask if they wanted to dig some of our asparagus plants up and they are getting to crowded here. We don't want anything for them but since they won't take them for free we offered to take beets. LOL

E said maple water (aka sap) is running on the south side of trees but not the north. That side is still froze. He is okay with that as he got ran over last year and was having to empty bags 4 times a day and still had some over filled. Said M got her bulk canning lids and more jars. She also got her seeds in.

I updated my "sitting" to do list. I started out with 43 when I went to surgery 3 wks ago (wow has it been that long?) and I am down to 21.

I listed what seeds I have as I am going to try for a 3 seasons garden. Daughter 4 was given pallets for garden beds by her daughter's man.... the 3 of them are going to be working at getting it together when it gets a bit warmer. I told her I could give her some seeds but not plants as I didn't grow any.

Yesterday I cut a chuck roast up, part went to cubes in freezer for a small batch of beef stew as I know being March in Ohio means we will get another cold spell. I roasted the rest and added 2 potatoes, 2 carrots and 1 onion for our supper... I actually ate yesterday , the last of the pizza rolls (gift from Son 2) for lunch and half what was on my plate of the beef roast and veggies. Leftover beef roast with the "broth" will be put in freezer for beef and noodles later. Noodles are already made and in pantry. I have

Daughter 4 is picking up Door Dash. Not getting much as she is only working a couple days a week. Her daughter is now riding with her so they split the money. Gives granddaughter practice time of driving (she was in a car accident so stopped getting her license and has a temp.) and daughter time out of the house so the 5 dogs can adjust to her not being home again. We figured out she needs to earn $15/ hr for 36 hrs to make ends meet without any payments of paying us back. That helps her when she is searching for jobs to know that if she gets something less than that she will have to cut her budget or get a second job.This year it's focus on just getting her well and back up on her feet. I don't see work that she will be able to do at first (she can't lift or pull) or work full time going straight back to work. She had done home health care but gets too attached. Not good with her own issues. She also had a friend who has always been self employed ,look over her taxes before she filed them... she had made a $1000 mistake (forgot to deduct her expenses as she is self employed with door dash). I am thankful that the friend caught it. As that lowered the what was owed.

I haven't been zeroing out the checking when the month's income comes in. I have been putting some on the loans and mortgage , a bit in savings but have left some sitting for IN CASE... in case one of the kids/grandkids need something or Hubby doesn't make enough to cover business bills or something is needed on the house. Taxes and hospital bills this month which the hospital did tell me it could be end of March beginning of Jan before I see that bill.

How is your spring looking?
Blessed be