Thursday, March 25, 2010

recipe for son in law

yesterday while my youngest and her hubby was here , he asked for my recipe for antipasta. I've gave to them a couple times but it keeps getting lost.

I never seem to make enough of it for family dinners and when I do thinking I will have some left for hubby and me, the kids walk out with it.

so here it is to share with you

quick and easy antipasta

in a medium bowl, place 2 jars of whole mushrooms ( drained) 1can of whole black olives(drained) 1 pint of cherry tomatoes( rinsed well and drained) 1 small onion cut in small dices, 1 heaping tablespoon of minced garlic, and enough pepperoni( or salami) to suit yourself. I use pepperoni stick and chunk it to bite sizes, a friend of mine uses presliced pepperoni. What ever you chose. I then dump a bottle of Italian salad dressing on it ( or make my own dressing with basmatic vinegar, olive oil and my own Italian herbs and spices)

The family prefers I just leave it in the bowl but when I serve it when working as a personal chef, I place 1/2 cup full ( drained) on a bed of good lettuce and place a couple tablespoons of the dressing in a small cup on the side.


blessed be