Monday, November 2, 2020

Thankful Each Day

Following Brandy over at the Prudent Homemaker who is posting what she is thankful each day of this month..

Nov. 1st. I was thankful that it was just snow flurries and a cold blowing wind and not worse as my soon to be granddaughter's bridal shower was yesterday. I am thankful she thought of me and texted me before the shower as I couldn't go due to needing to "stay at home" to keep safe from Covid because of upcoming surgery. I am thankful for the pint of tomatoes I canned and the 3 apples I had made the soup for dinner and the 75 cent loaf of bread Hubby picked up since I wasn't allowed to bend over after back injections made a nice addition to the soup with it grilled and cheese melted on top.

Nov 2nd I am thankful that an old friend of my parents that is from the old neighborhood called me today to let me know she loved me and if she dies before my birthday she wanted me to know she would be singing to me then. She's not very well and only her one son is in and out of her home.  I am thankful my in laws texted instead of just showing up, not thinking about they shouldn't be in our home especially since they go out and not wear a mask  when I am waiting for surgery (veins in legs affecting my heart). I am thankful we can afford Hubby to turn down some jobs that would open the door to him getting covid and bringing it home to me. I am thankful, even though tired of it, of the green tomatoes I am still running through the food processer to can. Going to have to stop after today as I do not want to run out of canning lids.

What are you thankful for?