Wednesday, July 26, 2023


 for the dew to dry so I can go pick Roma beans, yellow wax beans and blackberries which is all that I left unpicked yesterday.  Got our first small batch of purple potatoes, enough to 2 meals also. They will go in storage for fall which is 8 weeks away. 

I will be canning Roma beans, yellow wax beans, beets (I bartered for ) and zucchini as I found 3 the size of my thigh that we missed on Saturday. I am also dehydrating zucchini.

I will then water the entire garden as we only got 1/3rd of inch of rain 2 days ago and the excessive heat is coming in tomorrow afternoon. I will also apply blossom rot meds (ha ha) to the tomatoes so I can quit throwing them over the fence towards the pond.

Hubby has put all 15 metal beds together and started filling them with dirt. He is piling the old wooden beds to the side as E said he can burn them in his one pit he has for that type of stuff, then he then cleans the metal out of it. I need to get started planting the fall/ winter crops but it's not going to be the next two days with this heat coming in.

 Today he went to go pick up a wagon that has a lift so it can dump what ever is in it. There is a part broke but he thinks he can fix that himself if not there are a couple places around here that do that type of work for reasonable $. It will help to have our own wagon for getting wood from the sawmills plus be able to dump it means I am not standing on top of a pile of wood tossing it at Hubby.

The guy said no one wanted it even though he had it for sale for 1/10th of the rest. He took pictures of it and measurements for Hubby. It has a PTO (Hum drive shaft to hook to a tractor to run) and not a motor. The guy is surrounded by Amish. E thought it  was funny as he would have picked it up in a heart beat and rigged it for a motor. Told Hubby he would help change it to a motor if he couldn't get the PTO fixed. 

It's now drifting to the back side of my arm also. It hurts to lift my arm over my head .  I caught it on a part of the 50 pound canner when lifting it up on the stove. I definitely seem to having issues with bruising easy this summer. I am NOT on blood thinner or on OTC stuff that would thin your blood also.  

Looks like the dew is drying up... back to work