Saturday, March 11, 2023

5 yrs and looking towards future

 Five years ago today (which is  a grandson's birthday) we signed closing papers on this home.  We had chosen it in Dec 2017, took 3 months to do paperwork and get a loan.  August 31st (brother to the grandson bday. LOL) we moved in.

While waiting for Hubby to go in for his MRI with contrast we talked about how we felt about the home. Was it set up to deal with one or both of us down? Would only one of us be able to maintain the property? 

We do not have buyer's remorse. Do not regret any of the extra money we have put in it even when things get really tight because of it. Don't regret the money spent on down grid. Hubby still needs to hook solar pump to pressure tank.

We could take the couch out of the front room and move a small table and the printer and put one or even two hospital beds in that place. French doors and front porch ramped. Sidewalk goes from front of the house to French doors to barn is 3 ft wide. Doors in house are 3 ft wide. Would have to move humidifier and clothes hamper if you were taking a wheelchair to the bedroom and move the bed over 6 inches to get back out the other door but there is enough room as is to turn wheelchair around and go back out same door. Our carpenter brought his late wife's wheelchair down to make sure it could be done. I had forgot about that until our HVAC guy was down in this area and just stopped by to say hi and see what else we had done and had mentioned that the carpenter is now in the wheelchair from drinking and driving accident. HE was the one drinking and driving. No one else was hurt. He will be recovering for at least 6 months. 

We decided we are as close as possible to be able to stay in our home even if we need help taking care of ourselves. We need to work saving more to cover finances if one of us dies and have to wait to get all the paper work done to get money flipped around.

 I would like to change the gardens to an easier maintenance  with no mowing between the raised garden beds like it is in some areas. Metal or cedar beds instead of painted plyboard or composite board . Hubby is agreeable even though that means $$ spent.  I would like more perennials, pollinator gardens for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds along with more herbs. I already ordered black raspberry bushes. I am hoping the fruit trees fruit this year at least for some fresh. We might add more fruit trees. I hope the apple trees don't get bit with frost this year like they did last year. At least we got cider out of it with sharing with E. 

We picked up some puff speltz grown locally. Think Honey Smarts or Golden Crisp without the sugar. We were told that it's good with warmed honey over it. We had it plain and thought GOOD, then put butter over it and thought air popcorn. This 5 lb. bag costs us $10.Daughter 2 said that is about equal to 4 large boxes of cereal that sale for around $5 each if you don't buy name brand. I already either grow my own popcorn or get it from E.

Prayers for peace
Blessed Be