Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3 and 4 of Eating From the Pantry

Day 3 and day 4 of Eating From the Pantry.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my youngest and her hubby( and their youngest). She's good about making sure I stay on track with my groceries. They did buy us a frozen dinner for last night's supper since I was late getting back because we had to wait 2 hrs to get a prescrition for their daughter.Everything else came from the pantry.

It did mess up the menu I made but I can redo that today.

I did buy for most the month of produce.Most of that was root veggies and squash that will hold pretty much for the month when stored correctly.( I miss the root cellar)

Meantime I am now on meds for the ear and sinus issue which is making me blurry eyed and sleepy.SO I am trying to get computer work done real fast LOL
Blessed Be