Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I got tomatoes canned as pasta sauce.

I dehydrated onions for onion flakes, celery, celery leaves,diced carrots and diced red bell peppers.

I canned bell peppers (sweet pickled) and beets pickled and regular.

I froze shredded zucchini, freezer slaw, asparagus beans,red noodle beans and green tomatoes I breaded.

I sold a baker's rack and picnic table with 6 chairs.

I went to a community yard sale with our son (and walked most the time as it was easier to park and then go get the car if needed which saved on gas). Scored some Christmas decorations to replace the ones that have worn out for next to nothing plus got another strainer (think tomato strainer if you can) to help with straining the apples I will start doing this week.I got some baking dishes to split with my son also. I also bought the baker's rack that I ended up selling to my son.My want vs his need for his new home. Plus he offered me twice of what I paid for it... which was $5. I picked up a blanket for 50¢ for a gift and another one for $1 to line some curtains with for upstairs for this winter.

I got started on washing cold weather clothes,bedding and curtains.

I gathered some seeds from my wild flowers to share with some others that have asked for seeds.Plus I think I will plant some in another area where we lost some bushes.

I saved 25% on my groceries combining coupons,sales and clearance.

One more round...

It's a mindset to get into when you want to make your pantry last, ONE MORE ROUND...what can I do to make this (whatever) go one more round...IN SEASON as much as possible.

Google what to do with leftovers , how to make things last.

Local store had chuck roast on sale. I haven't seen this price in 3 yrs LOL.Hubby and I talked about whether we should buy some, how much to buy, what we wanted to make with it BEFORE we bought any. SO we bought some....Since I was using our basic grocery money I had to figure out how to stretch the meat as far as it could go. I cut up part of it stews and noodles while the biggest went in the oven.I do this before it hits the freezer BECAUSE one , I don't need a 3 lb piece of meat for my dinner AND I can cut the "fat" scraps out to put back for broth later. The count was 10 meals....but I know it will make closer to 20 -30 instead ...WHY? Because just like the roast that we ate that night  and the next night as left overs and then the next night as "philly cheese steak" and then the next night as beef and veggies in cream sauce over pasta and then the next night as beef and veggies (and more veggies) over rice with curry spices added and last but not least it's in the freezer waiting have more veggies (not much beef left after the 4th meal) to be served as soup.

Look at what is your basic needs are and ask what you can do to extend that....can't think of anything...ask someone in their 80s and 90s and they can tell you what they did especially if they grew up in the Great Depression.

Coffee grounds can be reused with just a little fresh ground added to it, even in an automatic coffee maker.Then it can be composted. I don't use as much as the directions say either.

One tea bag can make 3 cups of tea if you heat the last cup of water longer or just use a tea kettle to brew the tea to begin with. Then composted and another time I don't use as much as the directions say.

Wash those veggies before you peel them including that onion (cut off root first) and save the peelings in a gallon freezer bag or container in the freezer. When full cover with with water (no need to thaw) and simmer 30-60 min to make veggie broth. I keep the broccoli,cauliflower and cabbage (that veggie family) in separate bags as they are strong flavoring but works great when you are making broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage soup. If you are saving water, use that rinse water to water your plants.

Bones from meat go in a pot to make broth (I can or freeze or use for soup that night).

Potatoes....peel thick and make potato skins, peel thin and boil and make potato water that you can use in bread making, gravies (the starch will help thicken the gravy) and potato soup or any soup you want to thicken. Even with Hubby and myself I go through 100 lbs of potatoes between Oct and March...sometimes I am out in Feb.Sometimes I toss the thin peels in the freezer and make the "broth" later.

My cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans get reused.( Mom would buy these for me for my Christmas gift,she liked the vanilla extract and vanilla powdered sugar along with mulled cider I would make her). Fruit stones (pits), fruit peels make jellies and jams and sometimes liqueur. I make my own vanilla extract. I zest my own oranges and lemons when I get that fruit in the fall and winter. I zest the citrus fruit, juice it or eat it and then boil what is left to make "fruit water".I also peel the citrus fruit and candy them for Christmas gifts.

Apples is another, fresh, frozen canned for pie filling or applesauce, Peelings and cores make juice,jelly, fruit leather and apple butter. 

Pumpkins get cooked down, first as a veggie (it's a squash) then it's pie fillings and pumpkin butter, fruit leather ,and dried and ground for later use to add pumpkin powder to cakes and muffins and pancakes etc.

Add a little water to those jars of condiments to make them last a bit more or even better make them yourself if you can cheaper than boughten.

Add water to shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap (even if you make your own), fabric softener(or use watered down white vinegar), dish soap...about 1/3rd or 1/2 water to whatever.

 I took the leftover veggies that didn't amount to a cup and tossed them in eggs to make what we call big egg (frittata).

Leftover bread was made into crumbs (or croutons) and bread pudding.

Make it go one more round.

NEXT...making room for the pantry