Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Room left in the pantry

IF I CANNED IT, DEHYDRATE IT OR FROZE IT ... I don't want to see it on the supper table for a day, ok, a week... maybe a month.

I harvested another batch of potatoes that will give us 3 meals for the winter storage.

 I canned 18 quarts of a mix of seasonings, carrots, tomato and zucchini in a vinegar sugar syrup (think pickled beets syrup without the beets LOL)

I had to actually walk to the gardens to get 2 golden cherry tomatoes and 2 zucchini to finish the last 2 jars. Hubby laughed.

I have room for 1 jar of beets (won't be filled).

I have a row space for some store canned fruit (might not be filled unless I find apricots on sale)

I have plenty of room in the tomato section (pasta sauce, pizza sauce, plain sauce, enchilada sauce, and juice).

I have one row in pie filling in case I get the cherries. Still iffy if they are coming in and if they are getting enough to get some to everyone on the list. 

Fruit/vegetable 22 cubic deep freezer is FULL.

Pork/nuts 22 cubic freezer is taking on the over flow of fruit/veggies but has just enough to handle a couple racks of ribs, a pork loin  and 2 hams. 

The beef/ bread 22 cubic freezer is go a decent hole but since I know the turkey and prime rib will be going in there I will be keeping a good size home in it. 

All 3 refrigerators freezers are full. 

I need to finish straightening up the basement, hang the cured onions and figure out a better storage for herbs and spices.   

I need a better way to store the herbal teas.

LORD I am tired. BUT I am sleeping better since my anemia has been figure out and I am on blackstrap molasses for it. Iron pills don't work to me.