Saturday, June 16, 2018

209 update

They did the ceiling with what they call knock down .... and then had to REDO the ceilings as it wasn't as dry as they thought and it messed it up ...

Knockdown texture is created by watering down joint compound to a soupy consistency. A trowel is then used to apply the joint compound. ... The trowel is then run over the surface of the drywall, knocking off the stalactites and leaving the mottled finish. 

Think orange peel or golf ball dimples . This is what it looked like when it wasn't dry when they "knocked it down" 
 and this is what it looked like when it was dried 
the walls and floors are covered while they are doing the ceilings
the water to the hot water heater is done
the electric in the basement(the last to be ran) is done
and they have started running all the vents to the rooms from the furnace 

The floor has been patched and is ready for sanding but since they have it covered due to ceiling work I couldn't get a picture of it.

This week they are suppose to have the last of the vents in. The final outlets and switches in and sanding of the floors OR painting of the rooms.... they are trying to decide which way the mess will be less LOL.

The kitchen cabinets are in the barn LOL...they would love them to be in by this coming week so they can get the counter tops ordered as they take 3 weeks at least to get in and Head contractor is pushing for July 15th.

We straightened up the areas in the barn that is being used to storage, couple of the contractors mentioned it seemed almost empty.

I would have to say that from my 1st project binder there is little that has been changed and what was changed was for the better except this....
This was suppose to left open, it's the wall of the tub attached to the bathroom wall... I was going to build a shelf for this now useless space
of 2 ft up, 3 ft deep and 10 inches wide for the bulk toilet paper and then a pantry rolling cart to slide under the shelf...  I'm not sure what to do about it now as it's even too low to put the cart in it. We are meeting this coming week about how to deal with it. I would hate to rip it back out plus the ceiling section didn't get done in that area so Hubby suggested enclosing it but it's such a waste of space when I have no "floor"space for storage due to needing the area for wheelchair to be able to turn around.  Guess we will  see how it comes out.