Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday morning 5 A.M.

I woke at 4 A.M. Rolled over to check my phone's time as it's DARK and Charlotte saw the light and jumped up on the bed to be petted and then needed out to potty. Rascal joined her. Wilbur slept on... until just now at 5 and Rascal came in when Wilber went out but Charlotte is still out. I'm glad I am awake so Hubby can sleep as he's usually the one they get up to go out. 

I have to :

Water all the gardens and flower pots. 

Fill Hummingbird feeders. 

Put the blue metal desk together (Hubby got new screws for the legs)

Clear the clutter Hubby stashed BEHIND the garden shed.

Carry the stuff that Hubby was to take to the loft in the barn and dumped it on the stairs to the loft instead. He sidetracks very easily.

Clear the barn porch (me, myself and I put stuff there) and sweep it.

Declutter and clean the east bedroom including setting up the bed that the frame just came in. 

THEN I can start cleaning the basement (only needs swept and doors need wiped down.

IF I have time today I will also start cleaning the first level including wiping down the wood work... there is tons of wood work .

AND I need to harvest strawberries, turnips, lettuce, spinach, snow peas, onions and maybe tomatoes and regular peas. 

Monday is finish what ever is NOT done of the cleaning. Deadhead the flowers.

Tuesday Appraiser at 3 P.M. so clean dog slobber off window. Check out of doors for dog prints that need washed off. Take the throw covers off the furniture (toss in washer ) and take down the fly motels (HA HA) that are hanging from ceiling lights. 

Wednesday COLLAPSE