Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Saving money end of May

In no rhyme or reason... 

Weather has been iffy all week but I still turned the furnace down to 60 from 8 am to 9 pm. and up to 70 degrees from 9 pm to 8 am. Hubby has issues if he wakes up cold. 

 I got up this morning and told him the temperature in the house was 75... if I get up the rest of this week and it's the same I will shut the furnace off completely. I let the late sunshine come in to warm the house to hold the temp up during the night. Week is suppose to be pushing 90 for 3-4 days so I can see that furnace being turned off.

We harvested from the gardens: strawberries, rhubarb, scallions, red and golden cherry tomatoes, radishes, turnips, spinach, mustard greens and lettuces. 

We got a rhubarb pie from M. M isn't getting extra eggs so we bought eggs from Amish bakery. Cage free organic brown eggs $2.50 a dozen... extra large eggs they were.

Used digital credit (earned by changing delivery days with Amazon) to buy the 3 books that Neurologist and a friend suggested on Dementia. So no out of pocket there.

I ordered 2 elderberry bushes using my Chase points. 

Doc took Hubby off B complex vitamin, I will use them for myself .

Used Charlotte's drinking water on kitchen porch to water 2 of the small plants on the kitchen porch. The inside water to water the mint and daylilies at the mudroom door. 

I froze all leftovers that was not going to be ate.

Used "Ever Lasting Meal" cookbook by Tamar Adler for using up some odds and ends

Took buttons off Hubby's work shirt that is nothing but thin rag now. I think I might get a few pieces that I can make patches with otherwise it's in the rag bag.

I made French toast with 2 loaves of the bread I got on sale. Now in freezer. Also froze another loaf so we only have 1 loaf to eat now. 

I replaced the plants that died when we got that late freeze. Since it's at the end of planting season I was able to find replacements at 2 Amish greenhouses that were starting to clear their stock to make room for fall crops and flowers. Nice discount and got the flowers for the family's graves at 25% off also 

Sold 4 lbs. of asparagus at produce auction for $4.50/ lb. 

Had a $10 credit on Hubby's TSC card, he got dog food which gave him another 5% off since he bought it at TSC.

Used the garden meter while watering, Hubby over waters and I underwater. This keeps things water correctly. 

Made snacks for Hubby's trip

Trip planning

 Hubby is going on an over night business trip. The gentleman going with him knows about his issues and the Neurologist okayed the trip to Wisconsin since he will not be alone. 

Hubby looked at 5 different maps and every single one of them had him going through Chicago (I have yet to find a trucker who wants to go through Chicago). He was getting upset about it.  I texted Son2 and asked how to get around it since he has for years had to go Fort McCoy Wisconsin.

He sent back this map. Hubby printed it off, took it to the other guy and they both felt it was good. It means 30 minutes more travel but NO CHICAGO. It goes south of Chicago on a road that both Hubby and the other gentleman have been on. It also means NO TOLL charges which was going to rack up to around $400 total. Hubby also loaded it to his phone that he can hook to the truck display so they can see it without picking up the phone. 

They are loading the trailer today... packing over night clothes (and Hubby's meds in original bottles) and some snacks, water and black coffee. Should be at destination at lunch time since they are leaving at 4 AM. Will drop off the load and reload then call it a day. The other gentleman is making the overnight plans.  Plan to leave when they get up (probably around 3-4 AM knowing these two men) and head home. I will be getting texts at gas stops etc. so I know where they are.

He will make enough to meet the bills for June so that is a relief with all of the automatic bills that come in on the 12th. 

He reminded E yesterday when the family was over here fishing the pond that he would be gone. E agreed to check on me so Hubby could feel more at ease. 

Hope it goes well.