Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 One of the few times there was no big discussion of buying something expensive.

New ones are $3-$4 K. This was less than $1K. It works. Young man (our grandkids age) modified it so you can push a button and it will rotate the blower instead of using a hand crank to move it. Said he had a hard time reaching it while sitting and didn't like getting off to move it. Hubby said he did a good job and it's nice to have. Will have to modify it to a quick hitch. But it does connect to the tractor now and work. Hubby just likes quick hitch since we have some many attachments for this tractor. Done with him using the walk behind snow blower on the lane that is over 300 ft. Done with him shoving gravel in the yard with the bucket on the tractor. 

Probably won't get enough snow to use it now. But we definitely are getting the 20 degree low and winds are to be coming it to create wind chills. High for the coming week are all low 40s with lows in high teens to low 20s.


Last batch of tomatoes I made into juice, I didn't can. Using it in the chili I am making to can. Got the mild chili made, ready to can today. Will make the spicy chili today after bloodwork.

Freezers are full. Will have to eat (SNICKERING) to make room for 2 hams, 1 turkey and 2 prime ribs. I'll buy the corned beef in the spring. 

ON the not frugal side. chiro called change time from morning to afternoon as Doc is closing on his new house in the morning. Did NOT think about we were to get blood work done which is why we made the early morning appt. SIGH

Now making a trip round trip (2 hrs.) total to get blood work. Need NO groceries, as I grabbed milk when we got flour and sugar for M. SIGH. Haven't found a primary in our area. The one that had great reviews retired. Talked to a couple of his patients that said they are driving to Lima... no thanks. If I am driving 45 minutes to Lima I might as well stay with my primary of 15 yrs. for the hour drive. 

My in laws said they don't have a primary any more, they are all specialists and take care of the prescriptions for what they are being seen for. They go to Urgent care for general issues like flu etc. Brother in that area said that's how he has had to go. SIGH.

Have a great day. Stay safe 

Prayer for peace

Blessed Be