Monday, April 24, 2023


 Yes  I am yelling.!!!!

Snow pellets... first is was nasty cold rain and cloudy like late fall. Freeze warnings every morning... got one morning of frost warning and then back to freeze warnings. This CRAP is late February, early March weather.   I turned the furnace back down and we started the wood stove back up

Yes I know the ash door was still open. It had just started rolling. We have learned to wait to shut it until the smoke is coming out of the chimney outside. 

Asparagus is under row cover, M's oldest girl had Hubby show her how to move it so she could harvest. They were short some for Church supper. We did pick some before we covered it and E's Dad took it to auction for us. LOL. It sold for $3.50 a pound . Wow. He asked if we had more. Depends on how much his son's family eats and he asked for at least one more batch for him and E's mom.

We planted 12 roses, 2 elderberry bushes, 1 bee pollinator bed, 1 butterfly pollinator bed, 1 hummingbird pollinator bed, apple mint and orange mint. My peas in my hanging pots are starting to come up... they are now in the house ... not only for the cold but the birds thought they were a buffet . LOL

I cashed in Swagbucks and got a $25 card on discount and a $5 card. Both for Amazon.

I made waffles finally with the Belgian waffle maker. I did level 4 instead of 5 for darkness. Could have done level 3. Hubby said 4 was good in microwave but a bit hard with toaster. He wants me to label at what level they are cooked so he know which way to reheat them. We both liked the batter. I'll have to use the other waffle maker next time and a different batter.

We took Charlotte to the vet. She was limping. Nothing in her pads, got her toenails clipped. Taking the same med that Rascal took. Charlotte's mom started with arthritis at this age so it could be that. Athena, Charlotte's mom is on CBD oil and had done well. Doc said he could do an x ray to make sure that is what it is if she still is limping in a month. 

I made a extra payment on the mortgage that was equal to 7 months of the principal payment (no interest). Between it and the gardens and maintenance, back fence as the two pastures went bad. Looked like deer had ran into it and broke it in several areas. We put up cattle panels with metal posts. E told me to get some orange tape/ribbon and tie on the top and it would help stop that as they will see the ribbon and know to jump over it. He used in on the widow's next to us and it hasn't been broken in 6 yrs. I've seen deer run through her back yard so they will jump over it.... Anyways... we went over budget but not as I had been putting $$ back for those types of things.  

Now it's back to savings and hoping for warm weather so I can start getting more food out of the gardens to put on the table. Though I will admit eating asparagus daily for a week was plenty. I do have enough to have it twice a month thru the off season aka late fall/ winter.

Prayers for peace (and Sanity) 

Blessed be 



April's finances



IRAs $6800.78

Social Security $3634.

Son 2 payment on loan $100

Business income $2600

Interest $89.98

Cash back from credit cards $100.05

Daddy's annuity $76.67

Swagbucks $30 (bought 2 Amazon cards)

CVS $10

Dentist $11 for paying cash 

Savings at Kroger's including Fresh Mode $125.61

Back pay from Daddy's Annuity $ 2453.44 

TOTAL INCOME $16031.53

Out go

Irregular expenses $2389.56

Down grid / maintenance $1327.90 (back fence to 2 pastures)

Automatic savings $180

Dog food/treats/vets $52

Household expenses $2543.55 

Business expenses $2522.26

Medical/OOP $1085.29

Garden $5228.73

Extra payment to Mortgage $3028.11( same as making 7 months of principal payments)

Extra to savings $780 (local bank has not increased interest so we moved a good part to our money market that is paying 4 %. We got 1 cent for interest from local bank.  If we didn't need cash on regular bases I would change completely. But nearest ATM for other accts in an hour away.

TOTAL OUT GO $19,137.40

IN RED $3105.87 

I transferred savings and still have almost 2 months saved for emergency.