Monday, August 8, 2022

Monday morning... goals for this week

 Hubby widened the drive way (finally after 2 yrs of looking a gravel hills in the driveway) and moved what was left of the gravel at the garden shed to behind the fence. Now there is a good area at the garden shed for the 1 ton of coal to be stored since it can sit out in the weather. So he got 3 things done that was on his list for this week as he picked up 2 out of town hauls that will take all day.

Daily: laundry with clothes line or drying rack.

            dishes including pots and pans that don't go in washer

           harvesting, weeding, and processing from gardens. Should have jade beans,             roma beans, yellow wax beans, banana peppers, poblano peppers, orange                 tomatoes, red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, dill seed, basil, red cabbage,                     kalettes, and some other herbs. MAYBE white pumpkins.  

          COOK LOL

This week

Bake bread. Make and dry noodles. Make and freeze wonton wrappers, eggroll wrappers, and dumpling AKA pot sticker wrappers.

Reorganize pantry... fill in items low in kitchen... take things to the pantry (looking at 22 jars of pickles on the roll cart amongst other stuff)

Mylar bag cornmeal and take to pantry (5 gal food safe bucket)

Finish cleaning east loft bedroom and move the last of the furniture out of front room moved up there to make room for wood stove.

Clip and store shallots that are cured

Clip and store onions that are cured

IF I get that done I will check the get it done list. 

Had pot stickers and egg rolls Saturday, homemade pizza Sunday.

Tonight is pasta as Hubby getting home time is iffy. Wednesday will be frittata as that is another iffy night of what time he gets home. 

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are still up in the area. Probably a BLT  at least once.

Saturday we are going to an annual get together that I am taking odd and ends for our share of the meal. The hosts provide meat and a couple sides from their gardens. 

Blessed be Prayers for peace 

Sunday dragging butt

All day Friday I kept telling Hubby I wished Saturday was Sunday. Friday and Saturday was harvest between rains. 

Friday and Saturday in the pantry/freezers

16 lbs. Lg elbow mac.  

7 meals of breaded zucchini

5 meals of breaded green tomatoes

4 meals of broccoli

1 meal of broccoli for soup (stems only)

4 meals of banana peppers

3 meals of corn on cob

5 meals of shredded zucchini mixed with yellow crookneck squash (fritters, pancakes, cake, bars and dessert ... cake like )

7 qrts. dill pickles

7 qrts. bread and butter pickles

8 pts. spicy pickles.

Refilled the bowl on the table with cherry tomatoes we snack on.

Sunday was the day of rest... which was good since my readiness score on my Fitbit was 1 meaning I over did it.. today is 3 but it's raining so I won't be out in gardens until they dry up a bit. 

We spent most of Sunday sitting on the kitchen porch watching the rain

You can just barely see the violet on the inside 

Then Hubby noticed the reflection in the pond

Charlotte decided it was Sunday nap time. She doesn't sleep much on her back.