Friday, April 17, 2020

Watching Gov. Dewine.

Did half the ironing while watching him as the man is doing his best to get OH back to work but protect the people.Don't want to open it up too much and have a nasty spike in this covid 19

It's been a rough morning. Freeze warning, snow, then rain and then snow again AND THEN freeze again until tomorrow noon... geeze OHIO in April. The next week is supposed to be warmer. I got tons of things to get done once the nasty weather breaks.

Hubby was to have 2 jobs this morning. One canceled within 5 min of him being there to pick up the load.No pay, of course. The company that was suppose to get the load wasn't happy when he let them know as it was what they needed today.

THEN I had to call him and tell him Son 2 was broke down and needed our jeep and his car trailered to our mechanic (his mechanic also). He did limp the car to work as he was closer to work than home. He also called a co worker(he is the only one reporting for work and the rest is working from home) and ask if he could raid the guy's desk drawer for candy bars because he had no lunch. The co worker told him to wait 30 mins. Twenty min later the coworker dropped a lunch off at the front door from the local fast food. Since Son 2 has gloves, wipes etc at work he was able to get a decent meal. He will be packing more and at least putting stuff in his office frig that he can eat if necessary.  The hope is that the car can be fixed and quickly.

While talking to Son 2 about things (aka calming him down from a really bad timing issue) he told me he was sorry for all the times he crabbed at me for the large pantry, the large gardens etc. He really understands why now. He also said he couldn't believe what was about to come out of his mouth, then silence..then a sigh...he advised me to have his dad build me a green house... I started laughing and told him we had already decided on that BEFORE this all hit. But definitely were going to be doing it. We are using the old garage (called garage in a box that tore away during wind storm last yr.) and getting a green house cover for it.

He did ask if we both die what he was to do with the pantry as he is in charge of our estate. Told him for him and the other 5 get what they want and then give the rest to E and M and they would put it was it was needed in the community.

I will be starting on making masks this coming week.

Blessed Be