Thursday, May 27, 2021

New lawnmower and straining my

Brain... I am just exhausted after finishing getting the last of the garden boxes painted (Hubby is putting them together as I write this) and we filled what was already put together totaling over 2000 cu ft of soil. I am exhausted.  We need more soil for the last 4 beds and for pots  and for green house etc.

We both tried out the new mower. Hubby ran it around the edge of yard *inside fence*. Just to see how much trimming he would have to do. I mowed the rest of the inside of the fence (1 acre) and Hubby mowed what was outside the fence. 

Results are... normal time to mow/trim 12 hrs. each week. Cut down by 2 hrs. due to horses "mowing" around the pond and pasture. Leaving 10 hrs. of work. Trimming is usually 4 hrs.  What it took with new mower>>>> 2 hrs. trimming. 4 hrs. mowing.  We are tearing out a fence line this summer, removing an old dog house N left here and adding more weed barrier in the garden to drop the trimming of grass in that area. E has been burning fence line on the pastures .

My to do list was 60 items, it's down to 48. I don't think I will get that all done this month like I wanted to. 

How is your week going?

Blessed be