Thursday, January 16, 2020

we completed one chart had this. It is the chart Kim at has used this chart.

Hubby and I was both surprised to complete the chart before the end of the month.Most the bills are paid and the potting soil for the winter sowing was bought.

Hubby figured up where he stood with his paying hobby. He broke even until we added the 2 trailers he bought. He had bought 3 but sold the one and bought a larger one. I did remind him that for a hobby it was decent for the 1st year. He did talk to another hauler that does it to make his living and he said he was just barely breaking even and was going to have to start hauling longer distances. He doesn't take out of state trips.

We figured up our net worth and were okay with that. Not where we thought we would be but the stock market has been down since Hubby retired.

I shared our goals for this year with our IRA guy and he reminded us that we have an account with money for 1 yrs worth of health ins with him... yes we had forgot. IT's okay we forgot Hubby had a pension on top of his 401k. YES REALLY.

SO we can take the medical off the save for. Put that over on to the saving for the 3rd month of the "bills" and the new to us dog truck because I am not willing to add another car loan to the debt and everything I am seeing that would work is over $12000

Going to call it a night.. The cold wet from today has made me achy.

Blessed Be everyone