Saturday, January 6, 2018

WHAT THE ???? Retirement mess up.

Hubby just laughed but I was frustrated. Company messed up and put Hubby's health ins at Cobra instead of Retiree..>GRRR. AND then messed up and booted him out of the website to get to one of his other benefits. Benefits is running around trying to get it fixed . Health ins will send us a paper bill (already let us know how much and gave us a 30 day grace period since it wasn't our screw up).


ON TOP of at 12/31/17 my specialist and primary doctor became out of network... primary willing to work with us ...specialist wasn't allowed to so referred me to her own specialist...

THEN on the news on 1/2/18 we saw were they had made an AGREEMENT to keep  the specialist IN net work on 12/26/17... REALLY..

BUT their website is still saying their are out of net work.

Can I just go back to paying cash NOW ????

I think I need a 3 dog night to recover from this frustration .