Friday, March 9, 2018

Planning to be frugal

Usually I post how I have been frugal...this one is how I intend to stay frugal as we start driving 2 1/2  hrs a day to work on 209 . Part of the time we will be taking the dogs and that will allow a longer work day if we both go. Charlotte, white dog which is the 9 month old puppy doesn't hold her potty
after 7 hrs so we really try to not push it with her at this time. Rascal 5 yrs and Wilbur  soon to be 8 yrs are good for up to 12 hrs and that's more than we like for them to go (9 is about where I get antsy). I will take food and water for the dogs also.

TO stay frugal as we will have high fuel bills with driving that distance I have chosen to do the following...

Take a trash can with trash bags to 209...and bring that bag when full home to put off adding trash service. One month of trash service is $17.

Fix bfast sandwiches or bfast burritos the night before to eat on way over taking our own coffee (thermos until we get electric in then we can take the spare pot)

Water cooler that we can fill with ice and water that we can bring from home (have a black trash bag of paper cups given to us so construction crew can have water also) for on site.

The outhouse will be put back on the septic to be used until the bathrooms will be put in (save on port a john and outhouse connects to the septic tank so no messy hole to deal with when we remove it.) but until it is I am borrowing a bedside potty from Daddy and will put it in an area that can give some privacy. We can dump it directly into septic tank.

Lunches of tortilla wraps with lettuce, lunch meat,with cheese with a fruit and some veggies etc will be fixed the night before to be packed in morning into cooler.

I will make 2-3 different snacks to pack the night before as I have to eat something when I take my meds.

A pillow and blanket incase I need a nap in the truck.

Dinners will be either casseroles that can be fixed in microwave or slide in to oven while we shower, crock pot  and  meals that are ready in 30 mins without lot of work to get it done.

 I will be making a list of Emergency meals  ( so I can check to make sure we have everything already here as I don't plan to have any major grocery shopping to do for at least a month if not 3 months. I would like to think I could fix a big meal on Sunday and make plan overs but I really don't think I will be up to it but I will make that list also.

Hubby "cashed" in some of his Speedway points for a fuel card to help pay for the $100 of gas. He has been "racking" them up for 5 yrs.

I have enough Kroger points to get 30¢ off a gal.

We know it will 10 gals to drive over and back in the truck. Gas prices are up ato $2.56 but the moving budget is set at $4/gal. I figured worse case scenero... $4/gal for gas 1800 miles of driving every day for 180 days(6 months) is $7200 TO help that it will be take what ever we can while driving over to work on it to bring that amount down. THIS IS NOT taking in discounts from Krogers or the Speedway card.

 We will need to get a discount card from the local gas station at 209 because they don't have Speedway.

We close today so I need to get around. 

Blessed Be