Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To do for June

We have a 60th birthday party that is 3 hrs away, 12 doctor appts/ medical testing and 2 days for Ham Radio field day, not counting going to see our parents (2 trips) and our kids  this month as 3 need help around their homes and 1 is having surgery on her shoulder.

We have lawn care (4 hrs each time) and gardens which is averaged at 3 hrs each time not including harvest and processing.

Hubby going to have to go to work to rest.

I had to get right up on the window (notice I remembered to move the screen up last night) and zoom in when he started drinking...this is Baby Hummer... he (as he is getting bright green feathers like his Daddy. Mommy is a greenish gray color)Baby Hummer is almost as big as his Mommy. We eat our bfast and watch them come and go.

I am half way through my classes and should finish up this month and hopefully finish or come close to finishing great grandson's afghan at same time.

We need to weed, plant last of plants and seeds and harvest last of rhubarb (grateful for rain even with the problems it's causing of getting into the gardens)

I need to flip warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes

I need to finish flipping warm weather curtains and cold weather curtains

I need to flip out warm weather bedding and furniture throws and cold weather bedding and furniture throws.

Which means I NEED to winds to drop down to around 10 mph with gusts under 15 instead of the 15 mph and the gust over 20 as everything in storage or in use like furniture throws need washed and dried

I need to put the swing together. Older daughter gave us back the old set we had gave her but the swing was in too bad of shape to use.

I have a few pumpkins and winter sq that is STILL good that I need to process

I need to clear the area beside the garage that has became the drop it and deal with it later of misc stuff that needs hauled to junk yard or limbs to be burnt.

I need to finish stocking the root cellar for emergencies .

We need to take 1 load AT LEAST every 2 wks to thrift shop...I just love it when I send a pic to my kids's cell phones and they ask me why I've held on to something of theirs and the answer is BECAUSE you put it here>>>DUH.

I have my son's wardrobe and a small cabinet he asked me to refinish and I've dragged my feet on it.Both simple and maybe only 20 hrs together. Time to get that off the list also.

I have been doing Home Storage Solutions 101 Declutter 365 since Jan. I'm ahead sort of.. I'm down to 71 of the "to do's ) but these 71 will most likely take me the rest of the year. My goal is to do 6 this month. Four of them has to do with flipping season clothes.

Set goals have a better chance of being done that just thoughts/wishes on the air.

Blessed Be