Tuesday, July 20, 2021

what a week.


 I harvested more purple beans, cherry tomatoes, mini eggplant (patio eggplant from Burpee), carrots, last of the lettuce (now pulled), 2 green tomatoes, basil, 2 red raspberries and some blackberries. 

I planted  2 types of peas and 1 type of be for dried pea, navy beans, zucchini, cucumbers, 2 types of runner beans, Italian bush beans, and Cannellini beans.

We are supposed to get 1-3 inches of rain over the weekend so I held off on planting fall crops including lettuces and some of the winter crops that I will cover with a low tunnel since the green house isn't going to be done this fall due to having correction work done on basement ramp. 

At this point after E told J how bad J's workers did of building the forms for the ramp... the workers did not get paid. E "donated" his time as he knew we hired J on his recommendation and he felt that it's just neighbor helping neighbor like we do for them. J is coming over to E to get horseshoes and said he would stop over to look as what can be done to fix it right. Hubby thinks it just needs a finish coat except for one spot and that will need to be reframed and cement poured that a bag of cement would be more than enough to fix it. I am hoping Hubby is correct. I imagine J is hoping so also. UPDATE J stopped over, he is going to add a finish layer to all of the concrete and a sealer. The one area that needs reframed will be taken care off. J was really really upset.

We had leftover lasagna rolls with odds and ends of garden


I got all the furniture throws and dogs beds washed along with the regular laundry.

I made the list up of what to finish planting for fall and what to plant for winter.

I rearranged somethings in the kitchen, pulled out things that I don't use ever for Son 2 to check and see if he wants since he is back to cooking. Made note of a couple things that needed replaced so ordered them after supper. 

Hubby was out delivering messages to some of the Amish and Land A stopped him to let me know my beets were ready to pick up Friday morning or I could wait 2 weeks and get the next batch if I was already busy with other things. I will go tomorrow and get them.

We had gas station pizza for $10 that Hubby got from delivering messages.


I picked up beets, KY wonder beans, zucchini, and a head of cabbage from A. M then sent over cucumbers, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash. 

I canned 6 pints of purple beans, 10 pints of KY wonder beans, 5 pints of plain beets. I made refrigerator pickles out of cucumbers and called it a day.

 We had braised beef from the freezer in tortilla wraps.


Picked up a bug so nothing today, I had chicken noodle soup, Hubby fixed grilled cheese... at 11:50 pm got a call from Daughter 2 that had been ignoring our phone  calls and texts since Father's day when we delivered the bar and firewood rack that she was suppose to pay for on delivery and wasn't there. Her man only said she had issues she had to take care of. 

 Rule has always been not to call after 10 unless it's emergency, accident, or you are in jail (we have family and kids that are night owls that will call just to yack at 2 am and we get up at 4-6 am) . 

First words out of her mouth was "I was in jail". Last time she called me and told me she just got out of jail was because she called the cops on Daughter 3's ex that was trying to beat on both of them and she got hauled to jail also for non payment of her city taxes. ..(Daughter 4 holds the record for the most stupid reason of getting arrested; she didn't pay a $50 water bill and blew off court, got picked up when her friend got pulled over who got arrested for no license and then they verified who Daughter 4 was and off to jail she went also).   

 First offense OVI ( Daughter 2's first OVI, she bruised her own 

butt kicking herself)in Dec 2019 was license suspended 2 yrs  and 3 days in rehab *could have been jail* was postponed due to covid. It got postponed 3 times due to covid. She moved, made sure the court and her lawyer had her new address... they sent the summons to the old address. Her lawyer didn't call her when she was a no show. MEAN TIME, since she was under suspension she was getting rides to work. Her ride didn't show and instead of calling her son who could have came and got her and took her to work... she drove ... and got pulled over and then the cop let her know she had a warrant out for her also. So a week in jail, $1500 in fines and another year added to the suspension. AND still has the rehab to do. SIGH... she down loaded all the negative about everyone. After 3 hrs. of non stop complaining she made the mistake and asking what I thought... I quietly told her more than once through the years that the way she has treated us and her siblings was going to come back and bite her in the BUTT.  I really hope this" bite" changes how she is but I doubt it. I really do, she is so much like her biologic dad in how she treats people. He wasn't that way when we got married but after we lost the twins when I was 5 months along and his brother a year later , he changed . 

At 4 am she almost fell asleep talking to me so I got her to hang up as she said she was on the couch. She probably just slept there. 

UPDATE Just got the message from one of Daughter 2's son saying she was coming home from work not going to work and she got busted for another OVI. That she is NOT divorced like she has been telling everyone including the guy that she moved in with. He told her to find a place to move  but he wasn't going to put her on the streets. Grandson that was living with her moved to his Dad's and his stepmom is bitching about that. To her he is 18 so he should be on his own... he is a senior in high school. His older brother is trying to get a place for him to keep him in the school district as he is counting on a football scholarship to go to college.  We have offered to pay for her 1st month rent and deposit for her to get a place. She will have to figure out how to get to work. SIGH KIDS>>> 

BUT since I was no longer sleepy I got up, made coffee and at 5 Hubby got up (his usually time) and asked why I was talking to Son 2 or Brother at midnight... two of the night owls. Wrong night owl. SIGH. 


I checked what I needed to finish the canning for this week. I am totally out of onions and what is in the garden isn't big enough yet. I made grocery list. We decided to step back and see what Daughter 2 does. We had take out at local restuarant.


I had doctor appt 2 hrs. away. Daughter 4 needed me to pick up canning jars and bring her bar soap and dill pickles. Her daughter needed the secretary desk we had for her baby's bedroom. So that all worked out as we just made a loop that didn't add any miles. While driving down to appt. Daughter 2 texted me that she needed a name of a lawyer to get her divorce and didn't want to text Son 2 who started his new job. I texted Daughter 4 a and got the info on her lawyer that she used for her divorce as he is in that area. SO MAYBE she is taking steps towards getting her life around??? One can only hope. 


It's going to be a rough day. Wilbur has stopped eating, I bribed him with treats to get something in him and then he was throwing up white foam through the night. His dementia is worse. He is not smiling, dancing for his treats , not walking the perimeter, barely goes out to potty. We are taking him (alone instead of all of them like planned for nails to be clipped) to the vet this morning. We don't expect to bring him home. This dog was Daughter 2's dog that I took because she was homeless and wasn't taking care of her sons let alone Wilbur and Charlotte. The first month we had them we spent over $3000 in surgeries and meds on the two of them. My grandkids grew up with him... the whole family is going to grieve hard.