Wednesday, June 28, 2023

GRRR... if it isn't one thing, it's another.

Bad news, we are in the smoke from the wild fires of Canada. I will be wearing a mask when out doesn't help we have a heavy fog.  

Good news...July 1st I will be hitting the apply button on Hubby's plan D. It's Aetna and CVS. If it doesn't change in October I will apply for the same plan D as it covers Humira pens pretty decent. Instead of the $12,000 , it is $1000 . I will still call the company to see if I can get a reduction. Never hurts to ask.

Bad news... my lettuce is running me over and Amish next door don't need anymore since theirs is coming in. I already dehydrate and ground to powder for green powder. I even gave a quart of it to a friend. 

Good news is I found Kevin Jacob's lettuce soup recipe. We had it a couple years ago. Some I will let go to seed so I have fresh seed.

Bad news ... we lost $1800 a month income from closing the business

Good news ... Hubby can use the insurance payment from the totaled trailer to pay off the truck and still have some to put in savings. 

Good news is he finally got the wrecker reimbursement and we are using it to pay for the last of the garden beds and the rest will go in savings.

Bad news... I have 2 IRA accts that was Daddy's that is now closed... I have 2 other IRA's that are sitting but I don't want to use them at this point. That's a loss of $1334.

Good news...IRA guy called , they are seeing a strong possibility of stocks going down a lot at the end of 2023 into 2024. They hope not as bad as 2008 but are trying to protect their clients as much as possible. Hubby listened and changed how he is invested, mine is pretty much safe as can be. Unlike Daddy who didn't listen and lost almost all of it before he got it changed. We will toss some savings into CD's to lock that interest in. It's good news when they call and warn you BEFORE it happens.

Bad news.... Hubby cut the withdraw by $2666.67.  That cut the income down 50%. Now I have the shakes. 

I definitely told him there is no way to make extra payments on the mortgage or replace the Silverado. Eating out and take out stops. I can pack us food if we are going to be gone that long from home. We already carry water with us.

 I understand that he is worried of losing the house as this is triggering all the feelings he went through in 2008(which is not helping the brain issues) where we lost 2 houses, ours and the one Daughter 2 was living in.

 I reminded him we have a full pantry(actually has over flowed) which we didn't in 2008 and had 2 kids and a friend putting food on our table. 

We have 4 months of expenses in savings and what ever is left in business acct will go into savings. The truck will be paid off and that is a $800 payment.

 I have garden seed, I can start my own plants and we have perennials that produce food. He needs pvc pipe to make frame for row covers for garden beds this winter.

 I also have as of tomorrow a year's supply of OTC meds except for two. We will both be on Medicare and the cost of the rest is less than what we spend on insurance now. It will actually save us $6600 a year even after paying for my Humira.

 We have clothes and shoes as we just replaced some things he wore out. I replaced my shoes and clothes last year.

I have the money for the propane (was going to lower what we order but since I will be baking bread more I will keep the order the same) and wood we get from the sawmill. E is also giving us some from his woods as he really tries to keep his woods healthy and growing more maple trees (he has 2 growing for every one he cuts down). We have 2 yrs supply of coal. 

 I need a couple things for Charlotte, will order the rest of the OTC and the garden beds today.  

Now if I could go back to sleep LOL