Saturday, September 7, 2019

Okay, I am going to just bang my head


On the frugal side. I have green beans and cucumbers in the front room waiting to be canned as Hubby bartered hauling hay for the veggies with butternut and beets to come later. He also got a deal on tomatoes in about 2-4 wks when N closes up his hoop house, we will help clean it and get at least half off or more for helping on the 100 lbs I ordered from him. He might have some beets also. HIS wife said her sister might have more beets in a couple weeks and to check with her, sister's neighbor sent message to also check with her also. Friend is going to try to get some extra apples for us. I have a bushel of apples I got half price. The orchard we used to go to sold and the new owner asked if I would help pick some for the bushel to be half price. Their picker didn't show up. If I felt better I would have taken the job as it's not that hard, trees are not that tall and it's just when and what ever seasonal. I got beets, onions (for sauce, beets and pickled onions) and butternut , a few small zucchini and a couple green tomatoes from another market marked down as it was the last they had at the farmer's market

I am still looking for decent price on apricot jam for cake coating.

We got a handicap helper for the toilet when Hubby's parents are here.It can be used as a walker if needed, just need to raise it up higher.

I cleaned and filled the oil lamps. Hubby found out that some of the Amish use mineral oil/spirits to burn in oil lamps for the same reason I do ( I prefer unscented due to allergies) so he is going to ask E's Dad where to get some and how much since I already priced what it would take to get us through the season. Five gallons each yr not counting what ever candles I burn.

We sat down and reworked out  the routines. I now put Hubby's work here at home on his work schedule so he doesn't over book. E came over with his horses and hay mower and cut around the pond so Hubby didn't have to do it by hand . Said it was because they hadn't sent eggs over for about a month, chickens are starting to lay again. He is also going to cut the ferns down on the asparagus when he cuts his down.  While here he asked Hubby if he could help him with a couple jobs next month so that's on our calendar. E is going to help a couple evenings on the deck after he gets home from helping his brother in law.

Hubby has one area left on the house to use Great stuff on the foundation. Will still put insulation board there during the winter. He found 2 air vents ,to crawl space, that go right by the heat vent to the dining room and front room. The vents are not insulted them selves. SO those are on the list for next summer.

Saw my GI, she thinks they misdiagnosed the diverticulitis( she thinks parasite or virus) so ordered stool testing since I still have diarrhea (I always do have it for a couple months after the med they gave me but she said STILL)... to keep me IN NETWORK I had to go to a lab instead of the hospital. I picked up the "hat" for the toilet and the test bottles. I can tell you after having a tube down my throat due to crap come up the wrong way that spooning diarrhea in a test bottle is GROSSER. Along with Zofran dissoluble  taste worse than that crap. SO after 145 mile round trip twice for this freaking test I am waiting for the results (looking for virus or parasite) which should be in a day or two but I expect a week as I know this lab.. 2 days LOST to being on the road etc and definitely no energy what so ever as I sat down on the kitchen  stool today after getting home and fell asleep and landed on Wilbur when I fell off the stool. Neither of us hurt but the 3 dogs and I just went to bed and slept 4 hrs. IF there is nothing in the results then she thinks, meds ( like I said )along with too low of a low residue diet. IF there is something then another 145 mile round trip and possible hospital for IV. She listened to my stomach and had tears on her checks and kept saying your poor lady, you poor lady and then really broke down balling when I said it wasn't as rough as the weekend before. I really hate it when a doctor cries on me especially when I was feeling decent. She was so upset that she forgot to tell me that she was leaving the practice (she just got divorced and the time she was working was part of the issue and now she's a single parent of 2 teens so the time element is now a real issue). I got transferred to the doctor that prescribed my biologic (GOOD FOR ME) and the PA I always asked for but seldom get is now listed as my PA. I listed a second PA as the young lady has stood up to 2 GI as the hospital on my behalf to get things settle for me and she is usually the PA that does the rounds in the hospital.

Meantime... I can't eat more than 1/2 cup at a time or I get nauseated or sick, cramp up or what ever. I have blood work Saturday morning  ordered by my primary as his comment was I looked like a zombie walking around and decided to check Hubby's blood work also. The only day off this week for Hubby is Saturday.It's hard to sleep any when ever time you turn around you are running for the bathroom.


I finally slept all night (except when daughter 4 text me at 4 that she had popped her knee out of place at work) even went back to sleep after reading it. Not that I can do anything when I am 2 hrs away  and she's already headed home from ER and going to bed so she can go to work tonight.

I even ate 1 whole cup of mac and cheese and had no problems HAPPY DANCE.

No results in , doctor called lab as it's usually within 24 hrs. The one test they have to send out and it wasn't back yet and warned it might be a week before it's in....WHICH IS NORMAL

I canned 16 pints regular green beans, 16 pints French style green beans, froze a quart of green beans and canned 8 pints of dill green beans. Might not like dill green beans , never tried them but I figured if nothing else they would be close enough I could use them for 3 bean salad that we have at least every other week during the year.

We ate leftovers for dinner.

Hubby called our internet and home phone provider because it went up in price. They offered to lower it less than what it started, we kept the home phone and they made the price permanent. We wonder how long is permanent but we took the deal.

Had a little nagging session with Hubby as he OVER BOOKED this week and didn't get finish the foundation with Great stuff. We will have to go either very early Sat or mid morning Sat for blood work FASTING BLOOD work to top it off because he OFFERED to go get concrete for one of the guys whose driver had a  heart attack. I am fine with helping someone but we have FASTING BLOOD WORK that has to be done GEEZE.


up at 6 am wide awake, feeling decent. By 7:30 I had 16 pints of regular green beans in the canner, another quart in the freezer and 8 pints (last of green beans) prepped to make dill green beans. This batch I am putting a grape leaf in.

Cucumbers are after lunch

Rested after lunch...

Moved what was in canner to mudroom counter to finish cooling 24 hrs.

Did 8 pints of bread and butter pickles with grape leaf.

Wiped down the jars I did yesterday and took to basement and put in correct areas.

Brought up more jars.

I might get another load of pickles done but I doubt it as I am dragging now and probably over did it.

Picked 2 poblano peppers and 1 very small ear of Japanese hullless popcorn. The  bugs are eating what little squash grew...M's Guiana hens are eating the bugs...

They still don't have my test results back so NO biologic this weekend.My doctor is flipping but the one that is going to take over as my doctor told me to eat as I felt up to, rest a lot and stay calm, if I feel like Crohn's is starting up, take the biologic and if I have other issues I will be in the hospital with iv... I can handle that.

Hubby said he would update me about tomorrow's schedule when he gets home. I called doctor and asked for last day we could take blood work... it's Wed. AND that's the day we have to take dogs for check up and Rascal needs rabies shot so that might work even better.

Freaking tired... just freaking tired.


before bed last night M sent over 1 gal of green beans and several small heads of lettuce ...

I dealt with green beans this morning with my 1st cup of coffee. at 6 am  They went in freezer. Dishwasher unloaded that I hadn't done yesterday. Reloaded and ran. Rest of dishes hand washed.

Got family reunion stuff around to load tonight as we leave early in the morning since its' 2 hrs away.

Drinking my 2nd cup of coffee 4 hrs after  I normally do waiting for this last load of laundry so I can get it on the line, then check the tablecloths for the reunion and pull the crock pot that the mashed potatoes will go in. Hubby got the water and pop and is going to wipe down coolers when he gets back. Didn't think I should mess too much with them as they were in barn near old insulation he had found.

THEN I have to rest for 30 mins. so I don't over do it like I done a couple times.

THEN wipe down yesterday's canning and put it in pantry.

I am not sure if I am going to do any canning today. The kitchen and dining room is a wreck and I don't want to start Monday dealing with it or try to do it after 4-5 hrs on the road along with 5 hr family reunion tomorrow.

Blessed Be