Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Let's talk clothes
this is something Mother would have ordered from Blair which over the years was the one place she could get clothes to fit her with her being not quite 5 ft tall and at 150 lbs.. And then she would have never worn it because she would have kept it for GOOD and good never came around even when she should have been wearing something good.

AND it was tempting to order for myself... but I know I won't wear it either because is has a crew neck line and I wear v neck lines because it would bother my goiter when it is flaring up.

In this area, I am my Mother's child... stained clothes are for home, don't bother to change to run to town for parts or something. Nice clothes at home are saved for when go visiting or some where special ..AKA GOOD but that is so far between that you get to the point you wear stained clothes all the time.Dad wears his clothes until they are so thin you can't mend them any more but he never stains anything even when painting a ceiling. I am my Mother's child.

SO it's spring here in Ohio, I pulled my warm weather clothes out and took a good look.

I want clothes I can wear in the garden or yard work which also could be paint clothes as I have a lot of fence painting to do this summer. I am messy when painting.

I want clothes that are comfortable and can float with my weight changes (I bounce 20 lbs with Crohn's attacks) and not feel like I need to "cover" up when Amish stop by.

I want to look good, not just unstained , but actually good so if someone stops to visit or calls for us to go visit them I really don't have to change my clothes.

I want nightwear that is comfortable and I not struggling with while I sleep.... I have been all over the place with this area, first nylon night gowns that don't work due to hot flashes, they are gone now. Cotton night gowns that dogs end up laying on so I either get pinned or twisted up in as I don't want anything snug. I tried flannel pj bottoms (also gone now) with tee shirts... kept struggling to turn over as the flannel pants didn't do well with flannel sheets and I don't see flannel pants in summer with cotton sheets. Daughter 4 suggested yoga crops ( she gave me 2 pairs)or a sweat pants crops with a tee shirt. I had sweat pants crops and that worked but won't work for warm weather as I am already starting to get too warm and yoga are a bit too snug for me to sleep in. Son 2 suggest mens boxer shorts and then gave me 2 pairs that he bought that were too small for him.I am still wondering why he doesn't understand he hasn't worn a 30 inch waist since he was 12 yrs old. I still on the fence of what to do so I guess I will try it all and go from there.

Today I started pulling my clothes. If I haven't worn it in the past 2 yrs it goes. Going with 2 yrs because this past year we really haven't went to church like we did, not found a good fit yet. And we have been more focused on WORKING and not visiting. Life style has changed since I am no longer working as a chef.

I do not need 72 tee shirts, 42 tank tops, 35 spag strap tops and 35 blouses. 53 pairs of shorts/skorts/skirts, 21 pairs of jeans (I don't wear jeans daily), 17 pairs of sweat pants(9 pairs of them hand me downs from grandsons), 12 pairs of "paint" pants, 16 dress pants and 39 dresses. This is ALL of my clothes. Not just warm or cold weather. That's 284 items not counting pull over sweaters and cardigan sweaters and 5 long sleeve tee shirts which I wore every single one this year LOL.

What I have kept....

4 dresses for formal weddings and events (1 is over 40 yrs and 2 is over 17 yrs)

3 dresses for semi formal (all 3 from Goodwill 14 yrs ago).

4 church dresses

6 daily dresses (two might...WILL go bye bye if they are too big this summer again as I already took them in twice.)

4 dress pants.. I moved 1 pair over to daily wear in garden since they are faded and show wear but are in good shape.

7 jeans ranging in 3 different sizes.

7 sweat pants put back for next fall.

I have 4 pants and 4 tops for garden and painting. Two of those will be tossed in trash at the end of the season.

I have 19 tank tops... about half for each season.

15 shorts/skorts

10 skirts

11 spag strap tops(wear under shirts and sweaters)

16 blouses (long sleeve to no sleeve)

28 tee shirts... 6 for around the house(not stained but look worn and these might go after I get all the rest washed, dried and put in drawer.) 10 for fall/winter and 10 for spring summer.

That is getting rid of 142 items. 50 %... gone.

I started pulling winter boots/shoes , tossed 1 pair of slippers and put 3 shoes in with clothes. Put winter shoes/boots in storage and set up my everyday warm weather shoes on floor with dress shoes in shoe rack on back of bedroom door. I do have a couple pair of boots that I can wear when it's raining that I left beside the wall on the other side of the bed.