Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Where does the time go?

Well for me the last week has been going from Crohn's attack that my biologic helped avoid hospital stay to going to the ER due to diverticulitis  attack, which I've never had before... exhaustion, dehydration and malnourished now. I definitely bit my tongue after GI pointed out that... DUH. I really hope my primary doc doesn't make the same comment as I know I won't bite my tongue with him tomorrow.

Yesterday I was up to doing some things after the GI appt.

 We stopped at Menards to get food grade buckets and gamma lids, ant traps and fly traps and found jeans for Hubby to use for work. He wasn't happy about the price but Rural King has been out of his size in carpenter pants for over a month and he is down to 2 pairs of work pants. He has ruined 4 pairs of pants in last 2 months. I feel like I'm lecturing a child about paying attention to what he is doing to not ruin clothes. The rebates covered the buckets and traps. Hubby paid for his pants out of his hauling money.

We went to Sam's club.I wanted to buy sugar but it was higher than at our local Walmart so that got by passed. M had told us what that price was when she went to buy sugar at the bulk store that her uncle owns and it was twice the price of Walmart as a friend from her church had just bought sugar. But I got several items especially oil and rice that was on the restock list. I bought 6 jars of pickled beets. If I don't find beets to can I have at least 1 jar per month to get through the winter.

We came home and looked over what was needed done on the punch list and where we needed to be in 12 wks. That's stuff from the energy audit done and the repainting from the bad paint done.

We talked about routines... if flying by the seat of your pants is a routine we have that down pat.

We talked about meals... example, he has a haul job at 7 am and it should only be 4 hrs.... he walks back in the door 10 hrs later because the haul job ended up being 3-4 haul jobs. If it's for E or his family , they makes sure Hubby gets a lunch in there and I get told he is going to be late, other's don't. The one has arranged it that if Hubby is delivering to him, that he brings a load back this way(paid to come home according to Hubby as it's within a mile of us and right on his way) but that makes Hubby getting in after our supper waiting for his trailer to be unloaded. We both don't like eating supper after 6 when we both go to bed by 9.

He finally this week started telling everyone he will not take loads anywhere after 3 pm because he is missing supper.He is now going to pack a lunch even when he thinks he is going to be home as he can always eat it if it is home. I will cook my meals as I did at Son 2's, fix the meal at lunch and warm it up for supper. I will fix enough for Hubby to warm up when he gets home. Not that we like not eating our meals together but we make sure we have morning coffee together even if it means I have to get up at 3:30 am because of when he is leaving.

I have a doctor's appt tomorrow and we still have a things on the restock list so I will pick up some of that while out. I need to stop at N's and find out his price on seconds of his tomatoes for canning and see if he knows anyone with beets to sell. I need green beans, beets, tomatoes,corn and onions. Butternut squash if I can find it. I can suck it up and buy frozen at the store if needed. Prefer not .

I ordered the fabric for my winter curtains for the bedroom, last set of curtains needing made, saved 50%.

The dirt for the gardens have been pulled to be tested. They asked for 3 inches deep and 6 inches deep. Hoping that there is nitrogen at the 3 inch level so it's more of a "apply this, do that" solution and not the land is going to take years to repair before you can use as garden" solution.  I would have to say even my square foot gardens didn't grow this year unless you want to count the weird weeds that popped up at out potting soil. E said it's an airborne weed but wasn't sure what it was just that he was fighting it in his hay and oats also.

Lunch time. Leftovers.

Yack at you later
Blessed be