Friday, March 13, 2020

Why TP is in high demand

Most of people are used to going to the store when ever, doing pit stops for something they are out of or want. Ordering in, eating out, grabbing a meal from the grocery store...

This is changing fast.

I'm in Ohio, Nursing homes are allowing no visitors (I miss my Daddy, but Brother gets a phone call daily from nursing home with status report, Daddy okay). K-12 schools closed for 3 weeks (if not more), grandkids not in school won't get free meals and will be using the TP at home. Only grandchild needing care while his parents work is great grandson and his great grandparents on the other side live within a mile of him so it's covered. BUT he will be using their TP instead of the daycare's. There is a BAN of any gathering of 100 or more in any 1 room. Right now that does not include retail or factories but that could be coming sooner rather than later. TP, sanitizer and cleaning products are being hoarded ...

First the average person uses 2 rolls of TP a week... multiply that by how many you have in your home or could if you are taking care of someone that doesn't live in your home. Now you have your weekly amount.NOW times that by at least a 3 wk amount if you had to be quarantined... 2 weeks to recover and 1 week to be well enough to actually go to the store... I will use Daughter 4 as example as she is down to her last roll (and is kicking herself) and has 3 kids. SO that is 4 times 2 equals 8... she knows they use about 2 rolls a week for kleenex with out colds and adds 2 more if they all have colds so that is 12 rolls a week... now times that by 3 wks... that is 36 rolls just for 3 weeks. BUT she has only been buying the small packs and didn't stock any more. She now is going to have to drive 4 hrs round trip to get tp from me...All the rest of the kids had already stocked up.

SECOND OKAY ... FLU causes diarrhea... if you are already using 10 a week normally that is going to increase with diarrhea. I know I personally will double the usage.. Daughter 4 says her family does also so she now needs 72 rolls of tp to cover regular and flu usage.

Third... quarantine... we already know it's 2 wks... but you might not feel well enough to go shopping or worse your home goes on quarantine because instead of everyone getting it at once you went one by one with a week or two between ... now add that it could be 4 wks.... Stocking up is good, hide sight is always 20 20 . Things could get worse , factories and retail shut down and you won't even have a place to go get tp...  What are you going to use instead.

You can use corn husks if available.. soak in water if they are dried.. and toss in trash not your toilet.

You can use a rag and wash just like you would a cloth diaper...those that don't know about using a cloth diaper or how to clean one, google it.

Do you have prescription meds for the month or for 3 months? DO you have stuff for colds and flu for the entire family ?

Do you have cleaners for the home ? You will be cleaning more with the flu in the home.

DO you have sick food and drinks for 3 weeks for the entire family?

IF you are touching someone as soon as you come through the door STOP. GO WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST.

We went out yesterday. Hubby is an EMT so we practice hygiene probably more... BUT we caught ourselves a couple times doing things we shouldn't.

touching the screen at the ATM and gas pump without gloves or a paper towel (which there was none so now I have it in the car and Hubby is getting a pair of old gloves to use for fuel pumping).

I have now gloves in the car for shopping.

Not sanitizing our hands BEFORE we got in the car from shopping and eating at a restuarant. I had to spray my car when we got home. We did sanitize our hands BEFORE we entered the house.

Touching the door at the restaurant... I used my arm to open it, Daughter 4 pointed out that you sneeze and cough on your arm, to use my foot or my back to open door, if I have to pull them open to use a cloth or towel. She is still wearing her winter gloves, washed them out every night with hot water and soap and hangs them up to dry for morning. YES same kid that didn't stock TP.

NOT SHARING FOOD OR DRINK... okay , this is something we have always done... especially when eating out and asking the other one do you want a bite to try this? Not happening any more.

Hubby is not worried about me giving him it but of me getting it from him. He works for a community of people that do not vaccinate. 

Stop and think, what you need... TP will be back on the shelves, they haven't stopped making it but they aren't going to build factories to cover the shortish.
They have workers that are getting sick too.

If you have the habit of buying a meal and not cooking much at home, make sure you have a month's supply of shelf stable food to feed your family 3 meals a day and 1-2 snacks. ALONG with drinks.

There are guidelines for stocking for a pandemic... google them